Développement du foot féminin au Burkina Faso et dans la sous-région.

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Développement du foot féminin au Burkina Faso et dans la sous-région.

Burkina Faso
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we want to give all female football players the opportunity to practice and participate in competition. It should be a right to practice their sport in good condition. That can help them in their social development (and should not be a barrier to their social development). Our project aims to start again the tournament of the 5 nations, to develop a women national team in Burkina and to promote female football in the districts

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

This innovation was thought to answer several problems. Female football in Burkina is not structured and there is no regular female championship. The federation does not put any enough efforts for the follow-up of female football and the potential that this sport can bring to young girls and to women is not used correctly. Moreover during several years, the female football players had appointment with the 5 nations tournament in Ouagadougou, which brought a press coverage of female football and gave desire to many girls to play football. But the last edition of this tournament took place in 2007. And female football players in Burkina feel abandoned by their federation and do not see any more prospects in this sport, by the lack of structure and support. Many gives up simply this sport. Finally, the recent collapse of federation and stop of the male championship is a bad sign for female football development in the country.

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this idea is unique because it is the Burkinabe female football players themselves that have created this project in order to promote their sport. We want to show to our federation our determination not to be forgotten anymore. We want, in partnership with them, to develop competitions at various levels to promote female football: by neighborhood in the 2 biggest cities in Burkina, by district for the remainder of the country. We want to restore the tournament of the 5 nations, which, until 2007 gathered various female teams of West-Africa. We want to allow Burkina to have its own national female team of football. All those are unique in the sense that the sportswomen are on the initiative of the project and seeks to carry it out in partnership with the federation and with the support of international organizations. Moreover, it is also unique because this idea targets at the same time the international level (with the creation of a national women team and the re-establishment of the tournament of the 5 nations) while trying to also bring the young girls towards football in the districts. Especially this project can change lives into allowing the girls who practice football to acquire a recognition. It will also set up the structures necessary to train them correctly and follow them: that must give them access to education, information on the nutrition and health particularly. As such, this project will be able to also join other initiatives trying to make promotions on those topics for young girls.
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As the project is still with its beginning, the principal impact was to make become aware women football players that their passion could brought to them much more than what football gives them for the moment. Instead of giving up the football as much did these last years, some women players succeeded in showing to their teammate that there is much to learn in football and that the young girls wishing to practice this sport must be encouraged and supported in their steps. It will benefits them a lot in their education and social development
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Association pour le developpement du foot feminin au Burkina Faso
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Association pour le developpement du foot feminin au Burkina Faso

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00226 72 30 86 31

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In order to make this innovation successful the female players association started to organize themselves and look for partnership and support. The detailed steps are explained in question 12, the identified obstacle are described in question 13.


The expected results of these actions are to provide a structure and some organization to Burkinabe female football. The main result will be the organization of the tournament of the 6 nations, with the Burkina national team participating. That must attract the media attention on female football (like it used to have). Thus in same time, the results are expected at the local level, to support the participation of the young girls in football, in structures adapted which encourage them and educate them on the important aspects such as the nutrition and health. Football must allow the girls wishing to practise this sport to reach balance in their personnel life and education. Practising football should not be anymore a permanent fight with federation and society.

What will it take for your project to be successful over the next three years? Please address each year separately, if possible.

First year:
*Development of partnerships with the football federation, and different international organizations willing to support our initiative.
*Support the federation and clubs in the organization of the championship.
*Creation of a women national team.
*Contact with similar initiatives in other countries (from West Africa) so they also have a national team ready to participate in the 5 nations tournament the following year

First year, we target around 100 girls: they are already practising football. We want to make sure competitions are organised and that they know about our actions. We would like most of them to be involved in the action of the following years, particularly in supervising new girls in football.

Second year:
*Previous action continue
*Organization of the 5 nations tournament
*media should talk about female football
*Trainers formation (trainers will be mainly women) to support female teams and to allow the structuring of teams and the follow-up of the players (serious training on health , nutrition issues, as well as general education)

Second year, the project become international, impacting directly more than 200 female players and impacted indirectly many players from other countries. A reasonable target of girls indirectly impacted could be 1000 players.

Third year:
*Previous action continue
*Development of district tournaments to encourage girls to join and play football, as well as access education given by football. At the same time of football tournaments, awareness campaign on different issue for girls (health nutrition) can be done, depending on the organisations supporting our actions.
Third year, female football become popular in Burkina and can impact directly more than 1000 players in the country. It will also impact indirectly their families and friends, by passing on the knowledge on nutrition and health and moral values gained. Therefore more than 50 000 people are indirectly impacted.

What would prevent your project from being a success?

Several things can prevent the project from being successful. Particularly if the federation is not supportive to the project. That can be avoided by developing partnerships with international associations, which thus make the project more credible to the eyes of the federation. If the support of international associations are difficult to find this project then is also threatened.
A danger is that a passion for the football is developped among girls, but that the structures are not able to accomodate them and support them correctly. So the situation would not evolve and stay as it is now. That is taken into account by including the training of the trainers and developping structures.
Lastly, the lack of financial means is what prevents the project from advancing. We think that can be compensated by a better management of the money that the federation receives from FIFA for the development of the female football (which is for the moment manage in a completely not-transparent way). If the project is running correctly, the various partnerships will make it possible for the project to be autonomous financially.

How many people will your project serve annually?

More than 10,000

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Less than $50

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Idea phase

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Association pour le developpement du foot feminin au Burkina

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Less than a year

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Those partnerships with federation, international NGOs and sponsors or with similar organizations in other countries are essential for this project to be successful and is the first activity to develop. We know that we will not be able to cope with this big project alone.

What are the three most important actions needed to grow your initiative or organization?

*Partnership with the federation and international support
*Improvement of the structures as well as competitions to welcome and give a chance to girls that football help them in their development.
*Awareness raising on all the values and knowledge of what football can bring to individuals. Support the different structures to allow them to deliver on those values and knowledge.

The Story
What was the defining moment that led you to this innovation?

Gaibatou chose to devote her life to football. Each day she hopes that the situation of female football will change in her country and that the female players finally will be considered with their right value. However, there is a lack of organization and recognition of female football in her country, thus competitions and structures are really limited. The clubs make efforts to organize friendly games so the players wait for competitions. But those competitions arrive in an irregular way. Moreover, last 2 years the 5 nations tournament was not organized. Gaibatou then understood that if she, and the players who are still not discouraged, want a change, they must become changemaker and not await more from the federation or their club to make the changes. They have other interests and the recent collapse of the federation (problem with justice because of lack of funds) is a bad sign for female football (always put last on the list).
Few female players, lead by Gaibatou decided to start trying to bring changes which will enable them to carry out their dreams, to continue to practise their passion and to improve the way they can practise it in enabling other girls practising too. Gaibatou wishes that other young girls can start football, that they can receive all the potential of education which is associated with football practice, but without having to choose between football and school. As any sportswoman who devotes her life to her favorite sport, Gaibatou dreams to carry one day the national shirt to represent her country. Only, this dream becomes blurred each day a little more, not fault of having the level, but because the responsible authorities do not do anything to organize this national team. Female players decided that they could not wait any more until the federation give them attention. They want to change things.

Tell us about the social innovator behind this idea.

Gaibatou is a young woman(21 years) but is crazy about football since long years. She started to play in in school with the boys and joined a female team by her 12years old. She immediately integrated the senior team as there is no structure for the young players. She took part to all the championships since 2001 and took part in the 5 nations tournament in 2007. In 2005, it became complicated to follow the daily trainings and the school course at the same time. She has to choose between continuing the school or devoting herself to her carrier in football. She thus stopped the school to devote herself to football, being sure that football could bring her what she needs in life. Only since there, the situation of the female football in Burkina does nothing but worsen. She already went to Ghana to see if she could have better chance their to develop her career and was thinking to also go to Nigeria until she decided that she wants to be proud of her country. She decided to start moving things in female football in her own country.

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