every GOAL has a GOAL

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every GOAL has a GOAL

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“Every GOAL has a GOAL; This public charting foundation, generally drives its funding or support primarily from the general world public, receiving grants from individuals by every scoring goal in the world of soccer.

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During the World Cup 2010 more than …… billion people will experience the Greatest Game on Earth. The world is going to cheer at every goal they see. Happiness and excitement will make every goal priceless! But what if all people know that every goal can support people in the needed parts of Africa? Will a goal regain a donation and give something back to the world? We think that players, fans, companies and every human being are willing to support a foundation that will change making goals in to achieving goal. The foundation is going to make it possible to donate a fixed amount of money (by sms or banktransaction) for every goal there will be scored. Not only this year, but every next year! Soccer fans all over the world will donate a Euro or Dollar back to the world. Starting with the professional players that will play at the World Cup 2010. When they start to endorse a non-profit foundation like “Every Goal has a Goal!” the rest of the world is certainly going to follow! The next step will be that all professional clubs worldwide will be invited to join this program/social soccer platform to support the goals in Africa. After that al amateur clubs / players will be invited to join this World Wide Soccer Platform.
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Vivre Productions
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