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The dream of every young Nigerian athlete is to play professional football in Europe for the economic and social well being of the family, the reality of the challenges faced by the few who finally make it to Europe is rewarded by some social problems and it makes it difficult for social inclusion to be attained.

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Immigration Status: Most African footballers do not have proper residential permits and thus the option of unconditional marital involvement or securing illegal employment as a medium of sustenance. Social Integration: Due to the poor level of education of African footballers in Finland (Europe), it becomes very difficult to attain educational heights and also secure better paid employment since the country is not a lucrative football playing nation.

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Tracing the origin of migration of footballers from less developed countries to Europe, cases of unsuccessful actualization of professional career and pursuit of non-sporting and menial jobs, all in the name of survival. The ethics of professionalism and the economic benefits expected from it is entire exchanged for menial jobs and social isolation in a foreign land.
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Having been in contact with some young African footballers across Europe (Finland) where i also work as a football academy coach, i have been involved in the protection and negotiation of better football playing condition and welfare of the footballers from Africa. I currently work for a football team in Finland on a salary scale of less than 300 euros a month, but my focus is to directly get involved in the welfare of African footballers in Finland.
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Creation of a sport friendly network of Africans for the purpose of addressing welfare of footballers. Working towards establishing a network with sport and social organization for the improvement of standard of living of footballers from Africa.


Due to my direct involvement as a football coaching staff, i have negotiated and solved some welfare and social issues relating to some African footballers, also i have been responsible for creating and influencing a commendable social network in a football club by encouraging the recruitment of more African players and non-African players side by side indigenous (Finish) players hereby encouraging social inclusion and promoting unity, fighting inequality and racism.

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Year 1: Creation of a non-profit football management outfit for the purpose of providing welfare and proper negotiation for African footballers in Finland

Year 2: Sponsorship: presently i solely conduct this selfless service with no monetary support. Also as a student in Finland, i intend to register an organization in Finland for the interest of immigrants.

Year 3: Creation of awareness and establishment of resource centres across Nigeria for footballers to secure education and more information about careers after football life.

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I was shocked to find a well known Nigerian footballer working as a cleaner in Finland during one of my cleaning job location. I did approach him and when he did introduce himself, i was astonished and could imagine the popularity and publicity associated with the said footballer back home in Nigeria. He then told me that we have lots of our professional footballers who end up doing menial jobs in Europe just to survive.

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The notion of Europe as a location for greener pastures and not facing the reality and struggles for survival in a foreign land.

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