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This idea is to engage young girls as agents of change given their higher risk of exposure to HIV to negotiate their way through life and remain HIV negative as Football provides an opportunity to raise awareness among young girls and the community at large. During training, coaches lead discussions about HIV/AIDS. During tournaments, banners, the opening/concluding remarks and half-time shows can all be used to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS among the public.

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Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

Problems •The problems include provision of play field venues for matches to be played, provision of tournament plays kits for coaches and players, provision of logistics enrollment and provision of kits for volunteers/peers groups as this will pose a challenge in order to accommodate the expected high number of volunteers, peer group participation and save time. •Running cost and unexpected non-availability of fuel and maintenance for generating sets to be used as well as running cost for monitoring tournament activities. •Limited available funds to meet the high expectation of the entire project.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

The uniqueness of this idea ranges from improving the life skills of girls. It gives them a chance to be leaders, to improve their confidence and to increase their self-awareness. It strengthens their capacities in terms of decision-making, critical thinking, and negotiating their way out of difficult situations. Moreover, by providing them with space to bond with their female peers, it helps them develop teamwork skills, thereby coping better with their own emotions and resisting pressure from men. Soccer also has additional benefits. From the perspective of improving health, Soccer provides a safe space for children and adolescents, and promotes healthy alternatives to drug, tobacco, and alcohol. Soccer is a “school for life”, a “metaphor for unity” and teaches children and youth such life lessons as the value of fair play, cooperation, teamwork, respect for self and others, and positive competition. Thus, soccer is both a means to achieve the core objectives of his changemakers competition, as well as an end in itself in ensuring every gender’s right to play.
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my impact ranges from show casing female particiaition against HIV/AIDS, promoting peace and unity and developing gender leadership and equality.
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T-Natal Foundation
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T-Natal Foundation


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T-Natal Foundation

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13 okija street,mile one,Diobu, Port Harcourt

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The primary problems to be addressed include to change the “passive culture” amongst young people mainly of the female folks by making them learn to secure their existence in the social economical environment in Nigeria and play their active role in future leadership as well as raise awareness on HIV/AIDS issues.


Steps taken to ensure a success project include ongoing collection of names at various communities to endorse the project, preparation of information for invitation to be disturbed, pre-organization meetings at various communities to ensure their participation, meeting of various local government sports, education and AIDS control officer to ensure their participations. Other structural steps include attending and watching female soccer tournaments at league for organizing experiences, the promotion of information to the established female league and women referees associations, pre-training women referees, and conducting an assessment impact of this a tournament across the various communities in the Niger delta.

What will it take for your project to be successful over the next three years? Please address each year separately, if possible.

Governance: Involvement of young girls and women in leadership through sports to put pressure on government reminding them of the responsibilities in health care and HIV/AIDS.
Advisory position: involvement of young girls as coaches and Councillors to train and counsel their peer on the HIV/AIDS scourge.
Members of a network: To support and form HIV/AIDS clubs and open debate on the HIV/AIDS issues.
Programs or activities: organizing soccer tournaments, coaching Sessions open dialogue and other related activities in as an approach against HIV/AIDS.

What would prevent your project from being a success?

factors that could prevent the success of this project include unavailable resources with regard to funds, non coperative attitude of communities, non-interest attitude from girls and unavailable coaches and oficals where addition, no available field to host tornament.

How many people will your project serve annually?


What is the average monthly household income in your target community, in US Dollars?

Less than $50

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What stage is your project in?

Operating for less than a year

In what country?

, RI

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T-natal foundation

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1‐5 years

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In summary, these partnerships are critica to this innovation success in regard to networking, counselling, open debate, share experiences, puting pressure where necessary for stakeholders to take responsibilities, contacting and promoting sustainable development and prosperity.

What are the three most important actions needed to grow your initiative or organization?

Three most impost actions needed for this innovation include
step one: strategic planning, training and provision of materials for organizing tornaments within the communities.
step two: increased vounteering and participation during tornament
Step three:provision of available funds and cooperation at all level by all stakeholders needed.

The Story
What was the defining moment that led you to this innovation?

The defining moment of this innovation that kick started this innovation was when an upcoming female soccer star in my community known as Mgbundukwu community in Diobu, Rivers state, died of HIV/AIDS, and in order to keep memory her fondly skills which i cherish, I had this nnovation to kick HIV/AIDS out of the community as way to get other females in community to create awarenes agaiinst this deadly scourge and help them develop their skills as well share experience too.

Tell us about the social innovator behind this idea.

I have brothers and sisters, i take care of and will be getting married later this year as my will be wife loves football and have also been support my idea since i told her and contributed in the pre-organization stage. i will want to develop the leadership skills of girls around my community and other community too as this support this saying that "a good woman is a crown to her husband".

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Through another organization or company

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