National Center for Integration by Sport

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National Center for Integration by Sport

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We want to create a center where homeless people could come for short vacation. There will be an intensive football programme to create awareness of the individual's situation and the general situation (physical and psychological)

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The National Center for Integration through Sport will be the place where homeless people could follow an intensive football programme to create awareness of the individual's situation and the general condition (phyisical and psychological). we want to achieve this aim through these differents issues: The retreat or training session will last from 1 to 3 weeks. and will consist of the mix of football and social training such as: meal preparation, maintenance of residence and personnal affairs, work on health, hygiene, addictions, lifestyle, budget management, occupation of free time, cultural and recreational activities. Physical and football programme: 2 hour session weekly (warm-up, exercises, games) based on better self-knoweledge and exceeding one's limits. Management will be achieved with: "a house mother" for daily human and relationship support; an athletic director for physical and athletic sessions; a social worker for behavioural issues; volunteers representing the various sector of society (soccer club, corporate managers, locall associations for getting back to social codes and values.) Employement assistance training: "To the top for a Job" (writing a CV, cover letter, workshops for plishing personal presentation, mock interviews). The goal of this training is to enhance the employability of our people and to create the opportunity for good vocational placement or reintegration. The center will be used by teams which participated at regional championships against exclusion. In the near term, we will host groups of 10 people or approximately 300 peples per year. The center will also be the training camp of the french national homeless team for the preparation of the homeless world cup.
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