One Step Beyond Football

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One Step Beyond Football

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$1,000 - $10,000
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The Liberian society like in most African countries, have people who play football from the poorest backgrounds or underprivillaged because to play football one is not actually required to incur any financial burdens, therefore these youths played football under difficult circumstances; such as playing without shoes and other materials but are hopeful to become professionals to make money, unfortunately they can not really afford to enter school. One classic example is George Manneh Weah,formal africa and world best player who only play football and did not acquire the requisite formal education that would prepared him for his political career.This is where GOWGIS concern comes to provide support for footballers to acquire formal education that will prepare them for the future challenges after playing the game.

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Our challenges are numerous,the lack of financial support to efficiently settle our obligations to the schools, thus negatively impacting the project success and growth. The kids are not able to complete their various levels in school due to lack of finances. Difficulties in having parents allowing their child/children playing football regardless of the childs talent against going out there to sell petit markets in street corners on their heads to get money to buy food for the household. However,the parents being cognizant of the importance of childs education,when they get to understand what next to playing football as it relates to GOWGIS's mission would anxiously start to encourage their children to take advantage of the project. Many youths have become attracted to the progarm and yawning for the opportunity but with the limited resources available,only 15 young people can benefit at present.

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This is a unique idea, as I am a practical example of the the idea I am advancing. And giving the fact that I was once an underprivillaged youth who played the game and is presently working with youths' grass roots football development in liberia, using football and formal education to change the lives of these youths.The establishment and running of football youth progarms in communities will certainly create opportunities for these kids to benefit a).Scholarship for secondary education through university, which increases their abilities to generate income and to be eligible for athletic scholarships, b).The training in coaching for employment as coaches.c).players will also have the opportunity to be recruited for local and international competitions.It is also a key target in development work that there is a tie-in to the local community where the project is to be physically based; whrereas most of community dwellers would be regarded as direct beneficiaries to create a positive view of the project.
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I am a beneficiary of this concept, as a young player during my days, I was opportuned to be sponsored throughout high school up to my current status in college.This being a gratitude from football enthusiasm by playing football in community, schools, local fooball clubs and on national teams of my country. Currently, I have in my project 15 youths benefiting from ONE STEP BEYOND FOOTBALL scheme, with more people wishing to be a part of the opportunity but with limited resources, I can only help 15 in the pilot phase.
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Giving Opportunities to Women and Girls in Sports
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Giving opportunities to Women and Girls in Sports


, MS

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Giving Opportunities to Women and Girls in Sports

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New Georgia Community, Montserrado Co. liberia

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With the introduction of ONE STEP BEYOND FOOTBALL in its pilot phase,GOWGIS had with its minimum resource and expertise, recruited in it's program 15 girls from three communities since june 2009.These youths are being trained into more formal football playing and enrolled in secondary and primary schools respectively. We hope to have other schools authority understand the situation we are fighting and give our beneficiaries dispensation in tuition fees, whereas, at the same time GOWGIS has began working with the Liberia Football Association (LFA)to ensure that the ministry of education introduces women's football in grade schools. When this is approved,it will give us an additional opportunity to have more youths benefiting from the progaram as the schools will have them on scholarship for playing football on the school teams. With some assistant coming from donor organizations, more actions will be taken to ensure that illiteracy rate is significantly reduce among our youths that play football as tool for empowerment.


The objectives of One Step Beyond Football, if realized, will make our footballers after retirement to continue life as entrepreneur,coaches and other youths will be awarded athletic scholarship after completion of high school studies to overseas universities as in case of Cherie Sayon and Famattm Boimah both of whom are studing in the United States of America and including myself at one of the private Universities in Monrovia.The impact of football changing life will not just be felt by the beneficiary but the society and as a whole will acknowledge the positive impact football had made in changeing the lives of the youths.

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The project focus is adding value to the lives of footballers, something that gaurantee and provide life security for their achievements and to do this require protractive period of time. Formal education, for those who do not even have the fundamental, will take over a decade and continue. Therefore the forecast of the proceeding years is eminant and the impediment to its continuity would be the lack of support from our donors to sustain the project.

What would prevent your project from being a success?

The project from the way it is structured, the world success would not be the right terminology because as it is, the project is succeeding for the fact it is built ahead of national concerns that have to do with providing formal education to footballers. However,our focus and anticipation that the government and related philanthropic sporting institutions be committed to the its prospective of the long term challenges.

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$50 - 100

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Operating for less than a year

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, MS

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FODEDE (Football to develop Destitute)

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1‐5 years

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The non-monetary partnerships between government and NGOs is critical to the success of our innovation in significant ways which if sustain can set the basis for the sustainability of this idea.The partnership between GOWGIS and FODEDE(one of our partners in the NGO sector) is strictly in the technical and administrative areas. FODEDE provides to GOWGIS training for its staff and beneficiaries and or players.FODEDE in addition to the training of or staff, assist in the recruitment of coaches.The schools where our beneficiaries attending are gradually accepting the innovation because they also benefit in that our beneficiaries/players are playing on their school teams.The government in partnership with the Liberia Football Association is now planning to provide scholarship to players of the national teams which is critical to the further enhancement of our innovation.

What are the three most important actions needed to grow your initiative or organization?

The three important actions needed for the growth of my initiative intails firstly the endorsement of the iniatiative by donors organizations and subsequently start to provide financial assistant in this direction. Secondly,full endorsement by schools authorities and subsequently granting dispensation in the tuitions and fees for our recruits which will then help in complimenting the initiative taken by my organization for school fees payment; thus increasing the number of beneficiaries.And thirdly, the government in collaboration with the Liberia Football Association,FODEDE and other local organizations continue their partnership in providing technical support and training to the youths in a more define football playing to creat a balance in football and academic activities within the schools where these recruits attend.

The Story
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The defining moment that led to my innovation is a result of the experience that I had as a young female footballer who went through lots of life challenges for better future which was achieved through football. I personally had the opportunity to acquire my fundamental education. The situation of underprivilleged youths playing soccer in communities without the opportunity to acquire classroom training is alarming in our society and my life being a practical success story out of this situation, I thought to share my vision through this medium which i believe can help transform the lives of the less fortunate by adding value to them after footballer life.

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The innovator behind this idea is the positive contribution the former players who would have acquire formal education will make to society.When these footballer acquire formal education in addition to their football career, they will become more useful in the society after retirment from the game as players and become coaches, accountant, social workers, enterprenuers,e.t.c.The formal players will then contribute to the development of their communities and provide and or render other services not only in the field of football.

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Football to Develop Destitute (FODEDE)