Finalist Spotlight: Eau et Vie

Finalist Spotlight: Eau et Vie

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Eau et Vie/ Water & Life (France/Philippines)
creating local social enterprises to provide clean water and hygiene to deprived homes


Millions of families living in urban slums lack access to clean drinking water. Many rely on communal public taps which are often expensive to install and unhygienic to use. This leads to a high number of water-related illnesses—not to mention the other illnesses typically found in slum areas, including diabetes and hypertension. While living in the Philippines, social entrepreneur Philippe de Roux found that water in slum areas is as much as ten times more expensive than it is in other residential areas. 


Founded by Philippe de Roux in 2008, Eau et Vie creates small-scale local social businesses to build water networks which connect each household to an individual tap. The organization is also implementing control services for sanitation and waste management, as well as fire prevention, and raising awareness about hygiene through public education campaigns. Payments for Eau et Vie services are collected at home, based on microcredit systems. Today, Eau et Vie works in the slums of the Philippines and Bangladesh, with plans to expand to the Ivory Coast in the near future.


During this phase of the Making More Health: Co-Creating a Healthier World Challenge, the Eau et Vie team and Boehringer Ingelheim employees are working together to develop an original project plan which will propose a long-term strategy combining their expertise.

The plan builds on the ongoing collaboration between social and business sectors to empower slum communities to be agents of change to improve living conditions. Eau et Vie will benefit from Boehringer Ingelheim’s in-depth knowledge and pharmaceutical services expertise of the particular illnesses typical in underserved communities.

Eau et Vie have established relations with local health and sanitation NGOs, as well as potential investors, and with guidance and technical support from Boehringer Ingelheim will develop a toilet complex within selected slums areas where inhabitants can buy basic toiletries and medicines. Of course, slum communities will be involved in the development and implementation of these projects to ensure their long-term success.

The Boehringer Ingelheim judges will hear Eau et Vie's final pitch at the Making More Health Co-Creating a Healthier World Summit in a few weeks.

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