Protection du consommateur


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Do you think that you pay too much for your electricity? You probably are paying more than what you need. Mi. Luz will optimize your contract conditions and help you to reduce your consumption in order to achieve a sustainable energy model.


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Lives of migrants are not easy! This is the right time to help them with this Mobile App System aimed at millions of migrants, by giving them the tools to help each one with the poverty alleviation problem. By facilitating the payments they have to make in their countries and giving them insurances.


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Upgrading to transform, to expand and to takeover the daily monetary thrift savings through the use of modern technology which will involve the use of Global System for Mobile and banking system; using Global System for Mobile networks calling vouchers to save and redeem money in thrift system.



The tool promoting social participation in health management and has an economic strategic role and manager since it identifies problems and systematically assess the health network, thus influencing the allocation of shape features to align them to the assessment and aspirations of community.