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KX POS System

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POS System, The solution include all the POS Hardware such as Touch POS Terminal, Receipt Printer, Cash Drawer, Barcode Scanner etc. The customers install different pos software in retail, restaurant, coffee ship, Bottle shop, supermarket, convenience store etc.



"Health mind in a healthy body".
A food enterprise which manufactures delicious,healthy ,mouth watering delicacies which would never make you obese or prone to other health problems unlike other junk foods.
Any food product of ours makes you healthy and fit.
We wish to create healthy generation


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My idea is simple.

What needs to be done is put on a REFLECTOR at the back of slow moving vehicle like, bicycle , bullock carts, parked vehicles etc which not visible during nights on highways to avoid accidents and death.


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TheGoodData is a platform that helps people enjoy the ownership of their data. With user permission, it secures and anonymously trades their internet data using a browser extension. Money earned is reinvested in the company and charities. In exchange customers become the only owners of the company.

Support Network for Free Software

At the moment most people are using proprietary software since this is the default solution which is available with ease. This way they rely on untransparent systems controlled by others. makes professional support for buying, setting up and administering computer systems with Free Software accessible. So that even people without extensive technological knowledge can enjoy independence from closed formats and restricting programmes.


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El proyecto consiste en la puesta en funcionamiento de una plataforma telemática de mediación, con sus variantes y especialidades, que hemos desarrollado para la aplicación de este método alternativo de resolución de conflictos.