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Samuel Munguti's New Entry

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Farmers Pride was established to provide smallholder farmers in marginalized regions with timely and relevant quality farm inputs and services like seeds, fertilizers, agro chemicals, Animal feeds and soil testing at affordable prices through franchise model of agro dealers.

LITE Memphis

le secteur de la société civile

Let's Innovate through Education empowers minority students to launch entrepreneurial ideas. Let's Innovate through Education achieves this through a six month entrepreneurial incubator, scholarship and internship matching, and a venture capital fund to support the launching of businesses.


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La grainothèque est le premier espace d'accès aux techniques agricole paysannes de aux variétés de semences de la biodiversité végétale africaine. Elle met à disposition des familles paysannes des solutions TIC pour garantir la souveraineté alimentaire et aténuer le réchauffement climatique.

Gifts Food Culture (GFC)


Gifts Food Culture (GFC) was incorporated to produce groundnut paste for family and friends on a free basis as a niche market.
GFC head office is located in the Wa municipality; Upper west and precisely at Kambali-Chekor with regional and district distribution representatives.

Vocabulary Maps


Every language teacher knows the power of Mindmaps and yet there is no language dictionary based on it. VOCABULARY MAPS aka publicly editable mindmap dictionary can offer this to the public.

IQC: Benefit Consumer

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Insight administration to adopt value chain Management
Benefit Consumer-Create an insight among the brands to administer the maximization of value offering through the implementation of value chain Management. It is more a value science approach applicable to all the manufacturing domain.