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Milaap: Loan a little. Change a lot. Expanding into the MSME Lending Market.

hybride is an online platform that enables you, or anyone in the world, to lend a minimum of Rs. 1,000 or $25 to India's working poor with person-to-person microloans that are paid back and can be reinvested.

Milaap’s loans target specific, essential services that have long term impact such as vocational training, affordable energy, clean water, safe sanitation and MSME development.


le secteur de la société civile

a financially cooperative system,that unionize and develop people within a community to see to the affairs of each other. It's also a system that seek to popularize and attract the interest of external organisation.

Almaa Sintra Hostel

à but lucratif

Almáa Sintra Hostel is a result of a dream:
A dream of having meaningful lives
A dream of making a difference
A dream of a better world
Almáa is committed to be a model of enterprise driven by social and environmental aims. Our main objective is to use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems
Almáa Sintra Hostel incorporates social and environmental goals with business

Dasra Social-Impact: India’s largest executive education program

le secteur de la société civile

Founded in 1999, Dasra, which means ‘enlightened giving’ in Sanskrit, has grown to become India's leading strategic philanthropy foundation. Dasra’s success lies in its unique ability to bring together the two crucial stakeholders in catalysing social change: social entrepreneurs who deliver change on the field and philanthropists who enable change through knowledge, funding and networks.


Zahnräder Konferenz 2013

le secteur de la société civile

Das Ziel von der Zahnräder Konferenz ist es ein starkes Netzwerk von engagierten Muslimen zu schaffen und Wissenstransfer zu ermöglichen, um das gesellschaftliche Engagement von Muslimen für die Gesellschaft zu fördern und das Leben in Deutschland positiv mitzugestalten.

Innovative Village (Desa Inovasi)


In 2012, ICDC start its program by helping a group of cow farmers in Cikahuripan Village. This community development program was trying to help villagers to be able to give added value to their raw product, by using Electrical Milk Machine. In order to increase the people’s income, they need to make their raw product into processed product, such as pasteurized milk, yoghurt, and ice cream. This idea came with pretty significant impact. On the first year, this social business can make the villagers produce 4000 cups of yoghurt a day, and increase their income up to 3 times than the earlier condition.

Started from one village, now ICDC has reached more than 9 villages in 3 years. Desa Inovasi was covering divers sectors, such as agribusiness, fishing, and creative industry. This program has reached 300+ families and increased their income up to hundred millions rupiahs. Please kindly visit for more information


The Wennovation Hub


Wennovation Hub Project is driven by the idea that high impact innovation is what the youths Nigeria require to break out from the cycle of unemployment, poverty and economic despondency. Wennovation Hub implements a collaborative start-up business incubation model of targeting final year students in Nigeria with specialized technology training, and moving them from ideas developed at this stage to product & business development and ultimately funding & operations.