Consommation responsable

Wireless Souls


Wireless Souls is a not-for-profit organization which aims to pioneer, strategize, adopt and create a sustainable telecom environment by promoting innovation and using the latest and most sustainable mobile technology we strive to reach out to the farthest communities across the globe.

Satisfeito Project

le secteur de la société civile

Participating restaurants are encourage to adopt techniques to reduce food waste and offer dishes that engage customers to consume consciously, the so-called "Satisfeito Dishes ". Those dishes prevent the food waste and restaurant saves money. Part of the sales can be donated to fight child hunger.

Life Out Of Plastic - L.O.O.P.

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By 2025 for every 3 tons of fish in the ocean there will be 1 ton of plastics. Consumer habits must change for this reality to change. L.O.O.P. is a women led Peruvian social enterprise that raises awareness about plastic pollution by selling recycled PET products and organizing awareness campaigns.


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JokkoSanté is a mobile platform for sharing and cross-financing medications incentivizing both pharmacists and patients to work together to get deprived people medicines they need


le secteur de la société civile

SERES programs inspire, mobilise and unleash youth leadership for community resilience to a changing climate. Using transformative sustainability leadership, SERES equips young people with the tools to drive change for the public good and start transforming their communities, networks and society.



SignZone aims to provide on-site sign language interpreting service for the deaf and hard of hearing in order to support them to manage their daily lives independently. With a mobile application, the project will create sign language available / deaf-friendly zones through a call center.


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Feminine hygiene is still a taboo with extremely poor scenario across the world.Toxicity and non-biodegradability of commercial pads is major discomfort.Our mission is to revolutionize and adaptation of healthy-ecofriendly way of feminine hygiene maintenance in India as well as across the globe.

Eşya Kütüphanesi - Oyun


We offer an online marketplace to empower creators. It's like ebay meets kickstarter. You can support the artists, creators, entrepreneurs of your choice through purchasing what you need from this second hand market - Oyun. All the items sold are donated by the people that wants to support as well!

Urban Permaculture Project

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Urban Permaculture Project aims to transform idle places into fertile areas in cities with more productive communities. Communities transforms waste into source by contributing to fair access of natural and local food and increasing biological diversity of cities.