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O Tradr é um aplicativo de economia colaborativa que funciona como um Tinder para produtos, conectando pessoas por meio de suas roupas. Nele, qualquer pessoa pode criar a sua própria loja ou brechó virtual e comprar, vender ou trocar suas coisas com seus amigos, vizinhos e produtores autorais.


This project 'SWAPNA' aims to strengthen the product development and simple technology to solve the problems of drinking water scarcity in India.second objective is that it reach to all needy people. unemployed or undergraduate innovative youth will be backbone of this system.

Maison de Rose

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A Slow Fashion House combined with a Design Incubator that employs previous slave labor workers in a nurturing atmosphere. American designers produce collections overseas alongside local workers, sharing skills & knowledge necessary to enable locals to eventually open their own fashion house.

Jéssica Rodrigues's New Entry

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A ideia é abrir uma loja de roupa feminina com consultoria de moda para as clientes. É sugerido que a cliente leve uma peça de roupa pessoal, para de usar como base na consultoria e da loja, e uma peça de doação para que seja enviada à logística reversa e outra parte doada à caridade.



JarJar is a proximity social network that allows users to know and talk to all the people who live around them. But also to share all goods and services with the neighborhood : share tools, share skills, carpooling, etc.

+ Oxygen

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The Composting Net geo-localizes and quantifies people savings promoting the adoption of this healthy practice.


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AFIA is a sustainable women's clothing line inspired by the layers around us. Our fabrics are handpicked in Ghana's markets and sewn by women's cooperatives in Ghana and in downtown LA. Through a beautiful product, we connect worlds and inspire human connection and empathy.

Alter-Art Corp.


Alter-Art will enhance small-space living worldwide, promote healthy social gatherings for all socio-economic income levels; utilize eco-friendly materials, preserve culture while increasing economic growth/income in developing communities, and support health-care & housing projects.