Développement durable

Kumasi Hive


Kumasi Hive is a Tech and entrepreneurship support multi-space which seeks to nurture local innovations and supports the entrepreneurship ecosystem of the youth to solve critical challenges in our society and also to accelerate needed transformation in the lives of the people.

Esperanza Soap Ventures

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Esperanza Soap Ventures is a social enterprise that produces handmade soap with a mission to provide jobs, empowerment & dignity to women living in poverty. Our soaps are all natural & handmade by women we train as soap makers, making a fair wage and gaining the ability to invest in their families.


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Feminine hygiene is still a taboo with extremely poor scenario across the world.Toxicity and non-biodegradability of commercial pads is major discomfort.Our mission is to revolutionize and adaptation of healthy-ecofriendly way of feminine hygiene maintenance in India as well as across the globe.



Project focuses on introducing Green Concepts to Sri Lankans to create an Eco-cult era to make the lives Standard. 200 Green Projects in schools, 100 projects in villages, A research, Generalized Green Standard are among the activities which will be showcased through a reality show.

Light Fridge

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Light Fridge project increases the shelf life of fresh Produce in a cost effective way using green technology. This helps fight food security by reducing post harvest losses in fresh produce. The target is small holder farmers in rural areas with low access to electricity.


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Kingo turns lives ON in communities off the grid through an affordable prepaid solar energy service that is cheaper than the substitute. About 20% of the world’s population lacks electricity, which results in low human development indicators. Kingo is on the path to turn ON 530,000 homes by 2020.



GenderMax is a programme that uses arts and entertainment to promote gender equality and empower women, We use theatre plays to echo their rights, we train entertainers, beauticians, fashion designers and improve other handcrafts that amplify their opportunity the society.