Act2Save, an innovative mobile application, engages participants in a fun and interactive way towards sustainability to help visualize the cumulated impact of small actions.

Farm this City


If we are all part of the problem then we all need to be farmers of the solution. Our vision is “Everyone a Farmer” with FtC cultivating the links, networks, sharing, and collaboration between those already “farming” social, economic, and environmental solutions to the city’s problems.

Retink Media

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Cash4Trash ensures environmental sustainability by promoting recycling and thereby reducing waste transported to landfills at the same time providing socio-economic gains and benefits from waste generated in urban households and business places.


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Asia's largest marketplace for ethical fashion brands. Our 35+ partners receive marketing support & access to a fragmented eco-consumer base. Consumers have a single avenue to purchase ethically. We take a holistic approach to sustainability by supporting multiple socio-environmental problems.

CustoMem - Filtration System

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We develop customized membranes to capture and remove traces of heavy metal contaminants to tackle the challenge of wastewater treatment in the textile industry, the second most water-polluting industry. The membrane allows the heavy metal to be recovered and recycled, allowing for full circularity.

Hause Nü


“Pack to the Roots”–a backpack full of intelligent design,traditional textile crafts and social engagement for Vietnam.We introduce a new philosophy of textile manufacturing to industrialisation affected countries through vocational workshops. We build an open video source platform for transparency.


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O Tradr é um aplicativo de economia colaborativa que funciona como um Tinder para produtos, conectando pessoas por meio de suas roupas. Nele, qualquer pessoa pode criar a sua própria loja ou brechó virtual e comprar, vender ou trocar suas coisas com seus amigos, vizinhos e produtores autorais.