Four Elements Conservation NPC

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Four Elements Environmental Scholarships have been awarded to selected school children to attend a 4 day camp on how to drive an environmental initiative, use social media, raise sustainable funding as well as engaging with nature by swimming with sharks and meeting wild elephants.


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Do you love the designs of our KARIGAR product but concerned about how they were made? You can finally stop asking us if we use child labour or if our artisans are being treated well. We connect Artisan to the Audience through the Talking Tag that gives you information about the production process.


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Energy Poverty is a serious concern in our country as more than 400 million people are still devoid of access to a reliable and affordable source of energy. Lytyfy addresses the issue of energy poverty by combining technology, microfinance and community.

Biomass Briquette Stoves


Cooking, a major energy-consuming activity in Nigeria's households accounts for 91% of energy consumption, with over 50 million metric tonnes of fuel wood consumed annually. Biomass Briquette Stoves with high thermal efficiency is proposed as the conservative measure in the use of biomass resources

Green Up Africa


We connect farmers within the same geographical region to provide a way out of the production of similar produce that end up flooding the market leading to very poor price products.We educate them on crop alternatives and provide a market for the grown produce.


le secteur de la société civile

Enabling low-cost access to essential medicines
Reducing percentage of medicines that go waste due to expiration by getting these medicines
before expiration at minimum 40% discount to BoP consumers.
BIG Data for BIG Decision Making
Crowdsourcing data about impact of public healthcare policies.