Planning Familial


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ỌMỌMI is a mobile application that is designed with the child's health needs in mind. The app covers all of the World Health Organization's (WHO) childhood survival strategies, and will enable parents easily monitor their children's health at the touch of a button


Center for Health Services believes everyone deserves a better health care and education. Our commitment is to improve lives with providing education, health care support, fund research, increasing awareness, advocating for children and young adults with social, learning, developmental disabilities.

Mark Berger Nursing Home

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Nursing homes and full service healthcare facilities for the elderly are incredibly helpful. As the baby boomer population continues to age it is extremely important that we create viable solutions for the elderly to live with all of the full services that they need.

Remind me my checkup!


An electronic platform which will schedule appointments for medical and paramedical exams. The Diagnostic centers/clinics will use the platform to register appointments for exams.Customers will receive automatic notifications regularly before the appointment in order to be on time for their check up


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Presenting TAKE 10 for families. A family video game that plays out during the day with the family competing to take 10 minute play breaks, 10 minute fitness fixes, and a 10 fruit and veggie goal. The family will record these events during the day - winning extra points for group efforts!


The Väternetzwerk is an awareness and communication program for fathers in companies.
They shall be able to engage in both their roles as employees and fathers and shall be seen and valued in both equally. With the Väternetzwerk we support companies in offering fathers the opportunity to obtain information, exchange ideas and bring both roles into line. Lectures, workshops and events form the core of our nationwide program.