Planning Familial

Party Interactive

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The best way to teach kids about food and the importance of it, is to have them be a part of the cooking experience.
Healthy foods are easy to prepare.
Veggies can be fun all you need is a little creativity.
Making cooking, play and learning a family event or even a celebration.

Nursing for All

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Nursing for All's flagship program, the Nurse-lead Public Health Initiative Program, has seven programs operating in two cities in Liberia. NFA asked local nurse leaders to submit their ideas for public health programs their communities need and selected the seven strongest proposals for funding.

DKT Pakistan


As the largest private provider of family planning products in the developing world, DKT International makes an impact by providing contraceptives through social marketing. Women can stay in school longer and increase reproductive and economic autonomy by having contraceptive choice and access.

Making More Health Thailand

เข้าร่วมประกวดใน Youth Venture - Making More Health Thailand มีโอกาสได้รับเงินทุนตั้งต้นเพื่อริเริ่มโครงการหรือกิจการเพื่อสังคม มูลค่ารวมถึง 200,000 บาท

Dementia in cooperation

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Since 2011 the municipality of Sjöbo has been working with a project in cooperation with doctors at the Health Center and the hospital in the city of Ystad. The project concerns elderly people with a dementia diagnosis and how the parts cooperate to develope better support för the target group.