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Mister Sister Mobile Clinics Namibia

Mobile primary care clinics serving isolated rural populations in Namibia. The clinics are a public private partnership run by an NGO (Pharmaccess Namibia). The Government provides drugs and vaccines, with operating costs covered by a combination of user fees, monthly capitation payments made by rural employers to cover their workers, donor funding, and local private sector fund raising. The clinic vans are licensed by the Ministry of Health but owned and maintained by an NGO, Pharmaccess Namibia which hires and supervises staff.



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Changing the Game: Redefining Innovation

le secteur de la société civile

We build a portfolio of microfinance institutions and cooperatives whose leaders are committed to integrating health into their service offerings. Global Partnerships' team works with partners to develop business models for health services that can be delivered on a market sustained and scalable basis. And we make grants to fund the costs required to make progress and demonstrate results.

Reduciendo las barreras de acceso a la salud sexual y reproductiva en poblaciones móviles Nögbe Bugle

Una organización de la sociedad civil, sin fines de lucro, que trabaja por el disfrute pleno de de los derechos sexuales y derechos reproductivos en Costa Rica.

Ser la iniciativa líder en el reconocimiento de las poblaciones indigenas como promotores de cambios en sus propias comunidades.

Healthcare Apps for New Parents

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MobiStine is a start up company specialized in developing trusted healthcare applications (Apps) on smartphone for new parents in Arabic language as the 1st segment. Beside the apps, we will build dedicated healthcare social network to share the experience. Will include for the 1st time Human Sense Detection Technology, to prevent/ alert women doing risky or unhealthy actions even during sleeping.

Horas da Vida

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Empresa ConsultaClick: agendamento online de consultas para aproximar profissionais de saúde e pacientes com o objetivo de melhorar a promoção de saúde e qualidade de vida.
Programa Horas da Vida: organizar o atendimento de profissionais de saúde que doam horas para atender pacientes de baixa renda de Instituições com trabalho Social reconhecido.