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Antique Bank Smart Systems™


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Clinica Verde

le secteur de la société civile

Clinica Verde is a new model of care – a sustainably designed health clinic for women and children living in poverty that takes a whole health approach to a patient’s wellbeing. Our vision is to offer Clinica Verde as a prototype showcasing the factors in physical design and integral health that promote patient- and family-centered care, improving dignity and health outcomes in a developing world environment.

Cooking workshoop for couples under infertility treatments

le secteur de la société civile

The project of a cooking workshop to support patients under infertility treatments is unique and we are the only association that use it in this manner - 4 hours cooking meetings for infertile couples. The rate of success double itself and it was the best result we could offer.

The only problem we face is the budget for more groups.


SIPATEC: Sistemas de palestras educação e cultura) Sipatec porque lembra SIPAT, Sistemas de palestras, porque elaboramos um super sistema e curso de acordo com a necessidade do cliente. Educação porque visamos mudar a sociedade educando as pessoas. Cultura porque puxamos a sabedoria de várias fontes e nos Tornamos UNO

My Life

My Life website give the opportunity to all people in the world to have their medical history and records online. This can also give help to any Medical professional to see exactly what his/her patients got trough in the previous years.