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Affordable Access to Health Information via Mobile

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The vast majority of Indians lack access to basic and accurate healthcare information. This is true of both urban and rural households. Adding to the lack of adequate medical infrastructure is the fact that doctors are often expensive or unavailable. In this scenario, preventive healthcare assumes a great deal of importance. Unfortunately in India prevention is neglected & there is a severe lack of understanding of preventative health as a concept.

Tiyatien Health is a Changemaker

Tiyatien Health, a winner in the Rethinking Mental Health competition, is treating the effects of decades of brutal war in Liberia by training non-doctor health workers and clinicians to work directly with citizens of one of the poorest countries on Earth. The founders are survivors of Liberia's civil war and people living with HIV/AIDS.

Tiyatien Health trained the first non-physicians to administer anti-retroviral therapy in Liberia,and provided the first-ever HIV/AIDS treatments in southeastern Liberia, the poorest corner of the country. Now it is expanding beyond providing public HIV/AIDS treatment to rural communities by working to reverse decades of untreated depression and epilepsy.


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