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A "Pesticide Residue Free" Label promoting agroecology by adding value (economically and symbolically) to integrated productions which preserve the environment & the health of consumers. Each production will be certified thanks to a systematic analysis of pesticides residues & other contaminants.



Mexico is among the 20 countries with lowest breastfeeding rates. One of the reasons Mexican women stop breastfeeding is the lack of institutional support when they return to work. PALMA helps businesses and government agencies think of women's needs and become breastfeeding friendly workplaces.

The Neonatal Womb Foundation

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When a Neonatal baby is born the womb that once was is recreated by all within the NICU unit for the baby/babies and their parents. Our mission is to provide NICU babies, parents, families, staff, and facilities the tools to aid in sustaining and supporting that womb.

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The rapid environmental deterioration and depletion of Guatemala's natural resources is undermining its rich bio-diversity and limiting its potential for economic development. We can sow chaya, moringa and a lot of plants, make a wonderfull Organic Mayan Farm.

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Most of Kenya's population live in rural areas which comprises of the youths and women;who have the potential for development but lack empowerment and capital.I provide them with free training on organic farming;provide them with free seeds and seedlings to grow and buy their produce

Clean Earth

This project seeks to earnest the use of the abundance solar energy to power Ultra Violet water treatment systems in an effort to make available clean and safe drinking water in every house hold with considerable environmental sustainability.



80% of Rwandans and billions of people worldwide live in homes with dirt floors-breeding grounds for mosquitoes and parasites with serious health impacts. EarthEnable floors are the solution! At 70% cheaper than concrete, we provide affordable sanitary flooring for a healthy home environment.



Dazin manufactures and distributes both fuel + cookstove to rural households in Bhutan, households that rely on rudimentary cookstoves and open fires are exposed to deadly smoke, which is solved with our affordable fuel cookies and smokeless stoves combined solution.

Patients Know Best


PKB is the world’s first patient-controlled medical record that allows the patient to gain a copy of their information from the different sources and collate it in one place to share with whoever they trust. The platform enables new interactions with their health network.