Santé maternelle et de la reproduction

Montreal Medical Centre


Rural Health Initiative is a project of Montreal Medical Centre which solely operates in the rural parts of Kenya. It's main aim is to improve maternal and child health in the rural areas. This is achieved through identification and registration of pregnant women and the children under 5 year olds

Drink to Life

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Drink to Life provides vitamin fortified drinks to support healthy pregnancies,thereby reducing poverty. Proper prenatal nutrition breaks the cycle of poverty by protecting mothers and developing children of sound body and mind who can pursue their dreams with a fair start.


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People loose precious time/money finding the right doctor. MediNav is the only system that helps people quickly find solutions for their symptoms. It is possible to also consider patient's medical history. 


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Momeal provide nutrition for pregnant women through cross-subsidy. By buying our 1 Maternal food product they help 1 product for poor pregnant women. We also hire the worker rom poor pregnant women to help them save their money for maternal check up.

Health Aid


Thousands of people die and suffer due to their inability to afford healthcare. Health Aid is a revolutionary idea that will enable the people to crowdfund for healthcare and help those in need, simply by contributing small amounts of their time. 

Saving Lives


We train clients to detect the earliest signs of malaria. We guide them to  maximize intake of cool or fresh air and water as first aid. These remedies prevent all serious symptoms of malaria and keep users strong for weeks, so that they can access genuine antimalarial drugs.