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Shout out is Mobile game,SMSApp, WebAPP and message platform that informs, advocates youth on HIV/AIDS,abortions, early pregnancies, drug abuse, premature sex, contraceptive techniques,family planning and other reproductive health in the communities in diff local languages.

FullSoul Health Solutions


FullSoul equips hospitals in Uganda with medical supplies to protect the health and safety of mothers, babies and medical practitioners during childbirth. We are starting with Uganda and plan to expand across Africa. Medical equipment is delivered to health centers bi-annually.


le secteur de la société civile

Maji-Maji is initiative to bring Safe and Clean water within 500 meters of every household in rural Kenya; and to educate the community on sanitation and water conservation.

Soap recycling in India

le secteur de la société civile

Sundara runs soap recycling initiatives in India, Myanmar and Uganda. We connect with hotels in each country to source bar soap waste and train women to recycle the soap and distribute the bars to children in need, while conducting regular hygiene sessions so the good habits stick.