Accelerating Impact in the Apparel Industry - Ashoka Convene Leaders in Bangalore, India

Accelerating Impact in the Apparel Industry - Ashoka Convene Leaders in Bangalore, India

Portrait de Felicity McLean

The Ashoka Globalizer aims to accelerate the impact of 11 hand-picked social entrepreneurs by providing the tools and support to strategically and rapidly scale their impact in order to achieve systemic change in the apparel industry.

Great business ideas go global to serve customers around the world and to gain economies of scale. By contrast, market forces do not work as efficiently in the social sector. Social innovations too often remain local or national. Although many of the ideas and the entrepreneurs behind them have the potential for global spread, the social sector still lacks a process that focuses specifically on the global scope of change and the resources and mechanisms necessary for globalizing an idea successfully.

The Ashoka Globalizer Program is working to help change this scenario. Founded in 2010, it is an Ashoka initiative that supports social entrepreneurs to spread their impact more broadly and efficiently by helping them strengthen and deepen their vision for systemic change. The social entrepreneurs participating in the program are encouraged to reflect on the strategies and the leadership skills they need to scale their innovation and generate widespread impact in a world characterized by constant change.


Each participating social entrepreneur has been matched with global business leaders and consultants, who together have worked to develop strategies to take their ideas to scale. The next few days are a culmination of three months of collaborative work, offering a chance to convene, connect and reflect in person.


Our teams have been working hard to build lasting impact to the following areas:


  • Bringing transparency and empowerment to the millions working in the informal economy within the fashion industry
  • Transforming sourcing and supply chain through upcycling and adopting natural fibers, bringing together cross-sector collaboration
  • Institutionalizing circular economic and fair trade practices along the value chain
  • Establishing retail partnerships for sustainable apparel given the global trend towards socially responsible consumption
  • Building a civil society-led platform for digital transparency, capacity building and advocacy


Joining us at the Fabric Of Change Globalizer are Ashoka’s strategy partner A.T. Kearney - bringing a fusion of strengths in both driving changemaking and delivering impact. Together, Ashoka and A.T. Kearney aim to create and deliver innovative programs across multi-­stakeholder groups to scale social innovation and create positive system change.  Included in this collaboration is the aim is to build an innovative framework to engage business leaders to address social and environmental challenges, inspired by social innovators. This includes supporting organisations to shape new models and processes, as well as the co-­creation of social innovation ideas, ultimately with the intent to scale and integrate as part of the organization’s core activities.


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