Nominate The Next Fabric Of Change Ashoka Fellow!

Nominate The Next Fabric Of Change Ashoka Fellow!

Portrait de Felicity McLean

Dear Fabric of Change Community,

Since we launched Fabric of Change in 2015, you have played an important role in the evolution of this initiative as a platform for social entrepreneurs who want to transform the apparel industry. As Ashoka enters the third year of our partnership with C&A Foundation, we again look to you to help fill our pipeline of candidates for Ashoka Fellows in the Fabric of Change cohort.

Ashoka recognizes that it cannot possibly source the world’s leading social entrepreneurs on its own. Good nominators ensure that Ashoka receives a constant flow of promising candidates as well as an invaluable perspective on the current innovation in the sector.

  • Do you know any “impact first” social entrepreneurs with a new idea that has potential for industry-wide social or environmental impact?
  • Anyone with a strong entrepreneurial quality and commitment to see his/her vision of positive change through to reality?
  • An innovative leader with a high degree of both creativity and ethical fiber?




Through Fabric of Change, we seek nominations of candidates for the Ashoka Fellowship working on impact-first ventures in the following topic areas:

  • Sustainable Raw Materials
    • Sustainable agricultural practices applicable to cotton farming
    • Enabling good living for cotton farming communities through access to essential products and services for rural populations (healthcare, education, etc.)
  • Sustainable Supply Chains
    • Improving transparency across the supply chain
    • Access to financing for smaller suppliers
  • Sustainable Lives
    • Working conditions and essential services for low-income workers
    • Women empowerment
    • Forced labor/ trafficking
    • Sustainable consumption
    • Recycling/ circular economy


Ashoka Fellows typically receive a three-year stipend to cover personal and family expenses, as well as added visibility, connections to peers, and a lifetime of support from our global network. Becoming an Ashoka Fellow is often key in helping a social entrepreneur expand the reach and impact of his/her work.

You can submit your nomination directly online HERE, or email us at [email protected] to let us know about a social entrepreneur worth considering.

Thank you!