Transforming Healthcare by Empowering Women: doctHERs Wins Young Entrepreneur Award

Transforming Healthcare by Empowering Women: doctHERs Wins Young Entrepreneur Award

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The co-founder of an innovative project which connects communities in Pakistan with quality healthcare by creating opportunities for female doctors to rejoin the workforce has won our annual Young Entrepreneurs competition.

Empowering female doctors to serve communities

As one of three founders of the doctHERs project, Dr. Sara Saeed, 29, is creating a network of clinics in Pakistan where people with limited or non-existent access to primary and secondary healthcare can now have consultations with qualified doctors. The project’s key innovation is using technology to draw on the large number of qualified female doctors who currently do not practice, largely because of socio-cultural barriers.

“The majority of people in Pakistan live in rural areas and many have no access to qualified medical services,” Dr. Saeed explained, following the awards. “But there are many, many trained female doctors in Pakistan—of whom, for cultural reasons, only around 30 percent remain in practice.

“Our insight was this: Why not link these doctors to patients through technology, particularly through video consultation and the use of mobile apps?”

Aiming to reach 1.2 million patients by 2020

Dr. Saeed, from Karachi, is a qualified general practitioner. When she became pregnant with her daughter and was unable to continue radiology training, she began working with a micro-health insurance business. She was struck by the fact that although at least half of medical students in Pakistan are women, many do not work after becoming mothers. “I realized that a lot of women doctors simply don’t get the opportunity to do the work they have trained for,” she said.

Since its launch, doctHERs has received large numbers of applications from female doctors. This booming interest allows doctHERs to assess doctors against strict eligibility criteria before assigning them to a specific clinic, where they join small teams of healthcare professionals that patients can get to know.

“Each of our clinics is a one-stop shop for primary and secondary healthcare, staffed by a nurse, with a pharmacy and collection laboratory, as well as a telescreen for consultations,” Dr. Saeed said. The fourth clinic opened by doctHERS specializes in mental health and was described by Dr. Saeed as a “very successful pilot in an area that is very under-resourced in Pakistan."

So far, doctHERs has directly impacted 15,000 lives through clinical services and reached 100,000 people through community outreach. It now employs 15 doctors, five nurses and five specialists, and aims to reach 1.2 million people by 2020 by expanding its nurse-assisted video consultation program to more than 2,500 clinics. Consultation fees for patients begin at $1 (€0.9) and are limited to a maximum of $5 (€4.4).

Supporting entrepreneurs to create a brighter future

Dr. Saeed was one of seven finalists of the Unilever Sustainable Living Young Entrepreneurs Awards, run in partnership with the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) and in collaboration with Ashoka.

This year, 927 young entrepreneurs from 99 countries applied for the awards, which celebrate and support people under the age of 35 who are working on a unique product, service, or application that will help create a better, brighter world.

The seven finalists received a total of more than €200,000 in financial support, as well as mentoring, from Unilever and the CISL.

“I’m honoured to have received this award and delighted that the work of doctHERs has been recognized,” Dr. Saeed said. “The experience of taking part and the high-quality mentoring and support I have received have been extremely valuable. It has been a time of real personal growth for me, as well as a time to look at the way that we have brought doctHERs from an idea to reality. The prize is also very important—it will help us launch 20 more clinics in Pakistan.”

Backing the Global Goals

The 2016 Awards categories were designed to support eight of the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development and built on our belief that the ingenuity and determination of young entrepreneurs can help identify sustainable solutions to what are often seen as impossible problems.

“I am incredibly impressed by Dr. Saeed’s passion and determination," Unilever CEO Paul Polman said. "Her work, and that of the other finalists, shows that momentum is building behind the Sustainable Development Goals. But we still need new ideas, new energy, new business models—particularly from the young and entrepreneurial. They need our help and support to realize their initiatives and change the world to create a bright future.”