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Kasserine, Tunisia
Année de fondation:
Type d'organisation: 
le secteur de la société civile
Phase du projet:
$10,000 - $50,000
Sommaire du Projet
Lancement Important

Bref récapitulatif : Aidez-nous à présenter cette solution ! Fournissez une explication en seulement 3 ou 4 phrases.

The project is about diminishing poverty for women artisans in rural areas.Itwill be for crystal-clear goals based on :
*Women emowerment as equal partners for men in the development process in Tunisia after the revolution
*Ending poverty and creating out of these poor women strong leaders

About Project

Problème : Quel problème ce projet essaie-t-il d'adresser ?

Women artisans with no education fell as victims f poverty and unemployment.They are fragile ,uneducated and often victims of domestic violence.They excel the art of craftsmanship but without real orientation on how to invest their gifts for a high revenues to provide themselevs with their livelihood and self-esteem.

Solution: Quelle est la solution proposée? S.v.p soyez précis!

The project is an economic agency to regroup a group of gifted women ,to first train and coach them on personality building,understanding that they can startsmall businesses without a huge need for an academic assistance.After we will offer them an agency space to start a common project as women entrepreneurs ,by making their artistic decorative stuff,carpets and whatsover .The third step is promoting their products online to be bought and start to gain money and respect
Impact: How does it Work

Exemple : Faites nous découvrir comment cette solution fait la différence en utilisant un ou plusieurs exemples concrets ; en incluant aussi ses activités principales.

The project for exempel will select 15 women artisans dwelling in rural areas based on a skeptical research and selection procedures.After ,we will train them on leadership that fit their educational level,personality building and communication.The second phase is to buy for each her machine for exemple to sue or broderies ...and regroup then in a space for working.The thrid phase is to label their products and sell them out in manifestations,exhibitions thanks to an intense promotion via social websites and delivery strategy for clients who order a certain product via our officail website.

Impact : Quel est l'impact actuel de ce travail ? Décrivez aussi l'impact désiré dans le futur.

Those women will start to gain confidence,strength,dignity and attachement to lead their life and be more independant.Economically speaking,It will contribute to the process of development and sustainibilty in their country.Women artisans will be more comfortable to educate their children,support their families to be more far away from the ghosts of poverty and hanger.