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SunBox: Free Solar charging station

Ivory CoastIvory Coast
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$10,000 - $50,000
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Imagine you are out of home or you do not have the electricity at home, and you have to receive an urgent phone call. But your phone is now switched off due to having no battery power. At that moment, wouldn't it be a great help to you if you find a SunBox, a free solar charging station nearby?

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What if solar energy could be used to charge all mobile phone in Africa and make sustainable energy a reality for anyone?
About Project

Problème : Quel problème ce projet essaie-t-il d'adresser ?

the total number of mobile subscriptions in Q1 2015 was about 910 million in Africa , yet two out of three Africans (approximately 621 million people) have no access to electricity. How to bridge the gap of access to energy to meet the charging needs of populations ?

Solution: Quelle est la solution proposée? S.v.p soyez précis!

Inovmakers offer the SunBox an eco-friendly solution for those who need charging solution. SunBox are a 24/7 solar-powered charging stations for mobile users around the rural area or in city. This public solar-powered charging station is be able to charge phones, tablets and other devices. And that free for population! the Sunbox Installed in one place, can charge hundreds of portable day through solar energy it stores and releases . It is autonomous , requires no maintenance and is made in solid materials and weather resistant and vandalism. Users can connect their phone, no matter the model , through the universal cable connections and more enjoy free refill.
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In a slum where access to electricity was problematic, installation of terminals allowed people to recharge their phones for free, and especially to enhance their cohesion because these terminals are an important public meeting place. The people of this village no longer have to pay a single penny to recharge their phone since the installation of solar charging stations Sunbox. They are therefore well significant savings. This supermarket attracts more people from installing free charging terminals , these customers are always sure not to run out of energy for their phone. this city is recognized globally as an intelligent city, with its autonomous terminal free refills that use solar energy to provide clean, green energy for its citizens.

Impact : Quel est l'impact actuel de ce travail ? Décrivez aussi l'impact désiré dans le futur.

our solution is free for users who will not have to shell out $ 200 or less for a personal system to recharge their phone, which leads to an economy of scale not immiserising. The impact will be measured in terms of rural access to free and clean energy, knowing that sub-Saharan African rural electrification concerns only one habitant out of 10. Do you know that Spain consumes more electricity than the whole of sub-Saharan Africa, so solar energy is a decentralized way to reduce inequalities in terms of access to energy for african people. An impact study conducted in 2014 revealed that the energy systems Solar household used primarily for lighting and recharging mobile phones. when at least one third of the 900 million mobile phone owners in Africa using solar recharging terminals that positively impact carbon footprint on the continent.

Les stratégies de diffusion: Aller de l'avant, quelles sont les principales stratégies pour un impact d'échelle?

Estimated that solar PV could provide 15 GW to 62 GW of electricity by 2030, howewer, Africa is only responsible for less than 2.3 % of global CO2 emissions , so we plan to continue our expansion by installing solar charging stations in all of Africa communities through partnerships with NGOs , organizations, governments, private or public administrations etc... Our solution is economical , environmentally friendly and adapted to the needs of rural and urban populations of Africa.

Plan de viabilité financière : Quel est le plan de cette solution qui permet un financement durable à cette initiative ?

The plan is to generate income through: (1)direct sales to communities, foundations, NGO, government, business etc.. (2)renting mobile Sunbox at public events such as concerts , weddings, conferences etc ... (3)perceive money by advertising on Sunbox. For end users Sunbox is free , installation and production costs that are borne by our premium customers (government, cities, communities, regional, Ngo, foundations, enterprises ...)

Marché : Qui d'autre adresse les problèmes mentionnés ici ? Comment ce projet diffère-t-il de ces approches ?

There are several companies and initiatives in the African market of solar energy but we are among the only ones to offer a completely autonomous system and free for users to recharge exclusively Phones. Our business model differs from the other , the rays of the sun are free so it is not the population to pay for it. costs will be borne by our customers premium. the Sunbox are designed to be the cheapest possible, through the use of recycled materials.

Histoire de votre fondation

We are a creative agency specialized in innovation and design thinking . our goal is to solve the problems of Africa through an approach centered on people's needs and the implementation of realistic and viable economic solution. This project devised by the founder gives us the opportunity to give our stone to the building of the fight against poverty, access for all to a clean and sustainable energy and improving the climate in Africa. Sunbox was born from the observation that Solar energy is the most abundant source of energy in Africa, but least exploited. The potential capacity could rise to ten terawatt . Much of the region has more than 300 sunny days.


Pierre -Yves is a blogger ( , a specialist in design thinking entrepreneur and enthusiast of technological innovation, Founder of Inovmakers. he holds the role of CEO and project leader. Alain is a highly motivated designer he holds the position of artistic director. We work full time and we plan to recruit salespeople, community manager, designers , engineers.
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No Poverty, Affordable and Clean Energy, Climate Action.

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we designed a project for ECOWAS tracking buses

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solar kits supplier partners , partners for decoration solar terminals and logistics , environmental NGOs