Ahlem Nasraoui

Ahlem Ben Mohamed Nasraoui

Name: Ahlem Nasraoui
Organization: Optimum Women and Youth Empowerment Foundation
Title: Feminist
Are you intending to add me ? Please think before you do it. My ancestors were great farmers and they taught that my dignity is equal to the land ,once we lose it we die. So assume my reaction if i didn't accept your request . Humbly ,my temper is furious and I can't embrace stupidity. If you assume all that,then welcome in my world Congratulations,if you are a human because humanity for me is measured upon how sincere you are. If you need More clarity,just ask me After all i am not a monster 3:) PS:the new woman. I am a born fighter. You can bend me sometimes for your selfish motives but you can never break me because I am invincible. I am not jealous of any one because I am very confident about my own capabilities. I believe that there is nothing in this world which I cannot accomplish because nothing can stop me from being an achiever in any field I want to master. I will not allow anyone to manipulate me or belittle my soul with deceitful conduct. I will not allow anyone to .. "If you copy my Bio into your profile,it means that you are a facsimile of failure"

Challenge Entries

The project is about diminishing poverty for women artisans in rural areas.Itwill be for crystal-clear goals based on :
*Women emowerment as equal partners for men in the development process in Tunisia after the revolution
*Ending poverty and creating out of these poor women strong leaders