Hyung Seok Pyun


Portrait de Hyung Seok Pyun
Name: Hyung Seok Pyun
Organization: travelers' MAP
Website: http://www.travelersmap.co.kr
Title: CEO
A changemaker who innovates industry as Bill Drayton described. I want to change modern tourism/mass tourism which is focused on First World to innovative industry which focused on Third World/local community so maximize effect of tourism positively. I especially have attachment to the village nearby Mt. Jiri trail course. Over 60 years old the elder folks provide empty rooms as an accommodation for people, who walk long-distance trail; they often talk sit around the table together about resistance of rebels after the Korean War. They set the table with agricultural products that are grew or gathered by themselves. They are glad to meet travelers because there are many old men who live alone. I’ve set up the online reservation system for them. This is origin of inspiration for our business. Maintaining global ecosystem healthy. Decreasing economic/social gap between people. The CEO of Travelers' MAP, The Executive Director of The Korea Association for Sustainable Tourism. A Previous Teacher of Haja Production School(alternative school). A Feminist who majored in astronomy.

Challenge Entries

We want to create income for underdeveloped nations and Korean rural communities by applying sustainable tourism strategies, and thereby to ensure regional economic, social and environmental sustainability. Our major project is to develop engaging travel products that can directly create value for the region and to market these to ethical consumer groups; we thereby support the establishment and growth of tourism-based community business organizations.

지속가능한 관광의 전략을 적용하여 한국 농어촌 지역 및 저개발 국가에 소득을 창출하고 이를 통해 지역의 경제, 사회, 환경적 지속가능성을 확보한다. 지역에 직접적인 소득을 창출할 수 있는 매력적인 여행상품을 개발하고 이를 윤리적 소비자 그룹에게 판매하는 것이 주요 사업이며, 이를 통해 관광 기반 커뮤니티 비즈니스 조직의 설립 및 성장을 지원한다.