Josh Silvertown


Name: Josh Silvertown
Organization: DreamCatcher Mentoring
Title: Executive Director and Founder
Josh has been involved in mentoring programs with Big Brothers since 1997, and has been responsible for implementing science and engineering leadership programs in Ontario and the Northwest Territories for Aboriginal non-Aboriginal communities. Josh is currently the Vice President of Corporate Development of Quantum Dental Technologies, and the CEO of Armour Therapeutics Inc in Toronto. Recently, Josh was Director of Business Development and Scientific Affairs at AXON consulting for biopharma and medical device companies engaged in clinical research and leading the global business development program in Toronto and New York City. Prior to AXON, Josh was an NSERC Post-Doctoral Fellow for three years conducting prostate cancer research at the Ontario Cancer Institute (OCI) in Toronto. During his 10 years in translational and biomedical research, Josh published over 20 scientific works, including publications in notable endocrinology and oncology journals. Josh is an active member in the Ontario biosciences sector, specifically with The Biotech Initiative (TBI), MaRS, and the Ontario Biosciences Industry Organization (OBIO) communities. Josh is on the Scientific Advisory Board of iProgen Biotech Inc. Josh has taught courses at the University of Guelph (Guelph), Michener Institute (Toronto), and the Togliatti Academy of Management (Togliatti, Russia). Josh had been acting as a research consultant for the Rotman School of Management/Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care on Ontario’s colorectal cancer care system. Josh is a graduate of the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario, where he completed an MBA, specializing in the Health Sector as a Canadian Institute of Health Research “Science-to-Business” Fellow. He also holds a PhD as an NSERC Scholar in Biomedical Sciences and an Honours BSc in Molecular Biology and Genetics from the University of Guelph. Josh is an Action Canada Fellow from 2004.

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DreamCatcher Mentoring (DCM), un programme novateur de mentorat en ligne et de développement du leadership, met en contact les élèves du secondaire, au Yukon et au Nunavut, avec des mentors, ailleurs au pays, qui œuvrent dans les domaines auxquels aspirent les élèves. Le DCM est né de la réaction suscitée par la diminution du nombre de jeunes qui terminent leur secondaire dans le Nord du Canada.

DreamCatcher Mentoring (DCM) is an innovative e-mentoring and leadership program that connects high school students in Yukon and Nunavut with Canadian mentors who work in the students' aspired career-of-choice. The DCM program was developed in response to the declining number of students that enter and graduate from high school in northern Canada.