TV and radioTalk shows that inspire the youth to vouch for self employment

TV and radioTalk shows that inspire the youth to vouch for self employment

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To use Tv and radio which are the most used form of the media out here to create talk shows that showcase success stories of young people who are self employed.
it moves education from the classroom to a more relaxed atmosphere.
it will be addressing unemployment.

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What will be the impact of your idea? 

My idea will go a long way to inspire youths to think outside the box, to become more creative, and to exploit their diverse gifts and talents to make their lives better.
it will also alleviate poverty in this underdevelopped part of the world by the creation of jobs through stimulating the minds of the youth into action.
the burden of creating jobs for the government will be reduced systematically.
My idea will also make the youth more aware that they can be pace setters and leaders in their skilled domains in life.
The ball of development would have been set rolling.
Again, my idea will make the youths aware that they must not depend on the government for employment; they could make their own jobs and not only survive but thrive far beyond poverty.
This idea will go a long way in making the lives of the unemployed population better as they would be inspired though the successful guests on the show, who are not much different from them, to make a difference in their own small corner.
Because, a more relaxed environment will be used which is also less costly, the idea could better be grasped.

Who will help you develop your idea? Why are you the one to make this happen?

I have a group of friends who have carried this burden together with me for a long time even though we have not made a name yet. The group is made up of four young Cameroonians seeking to use the media to make the world better. The rest of the group will help me in association with the major media houses out here in Cameroon.
I think I am an adequate person to make this happen because I possess skills in communications and marketing and I believe through this, I can get a lot of supporters to help me make this happen.

How much will it cost to launch your idea? (This can be an estimate)

Buying time on air; 5000$
publicity; 3000$
getting experts to come on the show;3000$
transportation for crew and equipment; 5000$
cost for making and buying short didactic documentaries to run on the show;4000$
getting celebrities in arts and culture on the program; 2000$