AASHAR PHOOL ("the flower of hope" for underemployed women in Bangladesh)

AASHAR PHOOL ("the flower of hope" for underemployed women in Bangladesh)

Dhaka, BangladeshDhaka, Bangladesh
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$10,000 - $50,000
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AASHAR PHOOL creates income generating opportunity for underemployed women in Bangladesh through providing training and resource support

About Project

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Among around 25 million semi-educated or educated women in Bangladesh, almost 22 million are underemployed or unemployed mainly because due to social and religious conservatism most of the women are not allowed to engage in outdoor income generating activities. Ironically, even after receiving 10-16 years of education most of the women pass time doing nothing being confined in the four walls of their home. They feel the need of earning money and supplement their family income; but few can involve in outdoor income generating activities.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

We provide women with a 2 week intensive training on internet based outsourcing jobs. At the end of the training we give each of them a laptop and internet connection for FREE. They earn money working online at their home and pay us back the price of laptop in installments within a year from the money they earn. So, we provide them with training, resources and income generating opportunity which is the best suit given their current constraints. We provide training in groups of 15/20 and the members of each group are self-selected.
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Khaleda,28, housewife, a mother of 2 kids, completed her secondary school 10 years ago. She was a brilliant student but was forced to drop out from college after her marriage. As she was married to a traditional conservative family in Bangladesh, she had little opportunity to involve in any outdoor activity. Years went by and she gave birth to 2 kids. In 2010, her husband died in a car accident. She was in great trouble with her two kids. She used to live in her in laws house and had to depend on the mercy of her in laws. But still despite her financial crisis she wasn't allowed to engage in outdoor income generating activities. Her kids couldn't go to a good school. There are at least a million women in Bangladesh like Khaleda, who despite being badly in need of financial freedom, can not work outside home. We approached Khaleda, trained her on how to earn money online through jobs such as data entry. We gave her a laptop with internet connection for free in December, 2011. She earned enough money to pay us back the price of laptop in just 5 months. Now, she is working with us as a part-time trainer and also earn money working online at the comfort of her home.

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There are a few organization who provide training on online earning but they are for-profit and women are not their target customers. Besides, they do not provide resource support like us.

Founding Story

Khaleda,28, housewife, a mother of 2 kids lost her husband in a car accident. She was in great financial trouble as she had to support herself and her two school going kids. She wasn't allowed to involve in outdoor income generating activities as her in-laws were very conservative Muslims. She had to rely on the mercy of her in-laws. H M Mirajul Islam, the founder of AASHAR PHOOL, was a good friend of her husband. She approached him to help her out. He provided her with a laptop and taught her on how to earn money online working in home. She was earning handsome money within couple of weeks. So, Mr. Islam, thought he could help other women out in the similar way. And the journey began...
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H M Mirajul

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, DHA, Dhaka

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, DHA, Dhaka

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Less than a year

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Operating for less than a year

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Quality, Equity.

Social Impact
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Access to technology, Access to education/training, Access to economic opportunity.

What has been the impact of your solution to date?

We have so far trained 17 women who have successfully been earning enough money to supplement their family income as well as pay the installments.

What is your projected impact over the next 1-3 years?

We aspire to train 1500 women within next three years who will be able to earn a total of around 5 million USD which they wouldn't be able to earn without our help.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

We need around USD55000 for next 3 years to ensure smooth growth of our venture but being a non-profit we can not but rely on grants and donations. We are trying to raise the money from different benevolent foundations.

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Task 1

Raise money to buy 50 laptops

Task 2

Train 50 more women

Task 3

Get back ~50% of the installment money

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Task 1

Buy more laptops from the money paid back by the beneficiaries

Task 2

Train 500 women

Task 3

Ensure total earning of USD 1 million by the currently underemployed women

Tell us about your partnerships

We have partnership with a local coaching center called "[email protected]'s", we use their classrooms for providing training. We also have partnership with "Muktopakhi" a local community development society for women.

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