Women aged 18-34 Healthcare education via phones in Ghana

Women aged 18-34 Healthcare education via phones in Ghana

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Centralian Consulting Foundation encompasses a wide range of specific activities designed to enhance the ability of women and girls.

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Young women aged 18 to 34 years in Ghana face many very serious problems in healthcare. Notable amongst them are diet, pregnancy, potable water, emerging pandemics, population control, good hygiene and sanitation practices, basic education, and simple techniques for improving their lives. One cannot expect to upgrade the young women's health by education through the use of cellular phones

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The objective is to improve healthcare education amongst women between ages 18-34 via cellular phones in Ghana and enhance healthy living. We propose to do this by applying novel solutions that take advantage of developments in information technology. Our strategy is to use technology like the cellular phones to educate and deliver expert health care to young women, and minimize any inconvenience and to provide health education emphasizing on family planning, hygiene, sanitation, and prevention of communicable diseases for young ladies and healthy living. A final step in this process will happen through video consulting and examination, a technology we anticipate becoming available in rural areas by year 2015.
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For the healthcare education to be effective, we will first partner with a Telecommunication Company to start the Project and also young women have to believe that the cellular phone or technology is there to serve them and to provide value. To facilitate this we plan to involve the local population in Ghana Evaluation will be based on one simple criterion — whether the healthcare education via cellular phones have significantly improved the health and well being of the young women. the primary activities will be 1. Instruct women on pre and post-natal care and early childhood development. 2. Provide information on family planning and birth control. 3. Give instructions on simple practices that improve hygiene and sanitation. 4. Provide instructions on how to make drinking water safe. 5. Provide information on how to reduce the risk of communicable diseases in women and children. An educational course on health and hygiene, emerging pandemics (TB, malaria, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, sexually transmitted diseases, and HIV), addictions (alcohol, tobacco, drugs), abuses (emotional, physical, sexual), and environmental concerns (air and water pollution)

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There are no competitors at the moment in healthcare education via cellular phones to young women. The timing is right. Ghana is undergoing a tremendous transformation to open markets, and has leveraged its development on the boom in Information Technology to young ladies. The potential for Ghana to emerge as a modern technological giant, however, depends on its ability to close the economic and literacy gap between its rural and urban populations who are mainly young women, manage health pandemics, and control the population. For this to happen, a long-term sustained investment in rural development, with health care and health education as the foundation stone of this initiative, is essential.

Founding Story

The founder Madonna Afiba Dolphyne is a Social Entrepreneur and believes the young women should be cooperative and inspired by creativity. Young women should be a full chapter of the technological age and internet society where development is connected to technology I believe that young women are the true change agents. They are the champions who believe in the change they want to see in the world. As we train the next generation of social change agents, we must consider how technology will assist them in building stronger society. The accelerated trajectory of technology in the last five years marks this as an exciting and promising time in social change. From innovative approaches to reach intergenerational audiences, to the ability to rapidly share new ideas and resources, is the beginning to see break-through a healthy society
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Centralian Consulting Foundation, Takoradi, Ghana
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Centralian Consulting Foundation, Takoradi, Ghana

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Operating for more than 5 years

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Access to technology, Access to education/training, Access to health care, Access to economic opportunity, Policy change/advocacy.

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The approach is holistic. It is designed to be sustainable and yield long-term changes in health care and welfare amongst young women. The basis measure of success will be winning the trust of the young women making significant behavioral changes in their daily lives, and improving their understanding of, and involvement in, a modern technological society. Population control is expected to be a major result of this strategy.

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The Project impact over the next 1-3 years will be long-term vested interest in seeing this project succeed. We propose to building on the infrastructure and concept therefore, a significant start will be made.
We will also bring together new paradigms that fully exploit modern technology and incorporate anticipated developments in both human and material resources.

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It will require an amount of time and money to achieve the desired full and effective capabilities. And the only way to overcome this brrier is to lobby for funding and plan and organize the project well

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CCF has identified a new Telecommunication Company called GLO and started discussions on future partnerships to launch or start project

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