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Act2Save: Powered by GreenGoWeb: We Gamify Going Green

Crans-Montana, SwitzerlandGeneva, Switzerland
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$1,000 - $10,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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Act2Save, an innovative mobile application, engages participants in a fun and interactive way towards sustainability to help visualize the cumulated impact of small actions.

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What if people could take individual actions to tackle climate change while seeing the collective impact of their actions?
About Project

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“Things that are good for the planet are also good for business. Organizations that commit to goals of zero waste, zero harmful emissions, and zero use of nonrenewable resources clearly outperform their competition.” However, engaging employees in the long run remains a challenge and during the IMD One Planet Leaders program in 2011, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Directors acknowledged that employees weren’t contributing much.

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Most people are confused by mixed messages about climate change. We help them realize that small actions have a big cumulative impact and how to harness the “Power of One”. Act2Sve provides people and organizations with fun seasonal games to tackle climate change, monitor footprint and act for a better future. - GGW online application uses “prototypical ecological technology”. This unique dynamic ecosystem comprises real actions (people), metrics (data), social media (network) and game-like features (rewards, incentive to change) which enables us to measure social, financial and environmental impact in real time.


Ashoka Impact Program Laureate
Impact: How does it Work

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Our solution helps any organization or community that has a desire to transition towards a more sustainable culture. For instance, in a multinational in Geneva, as part of their Earth Week activities, they launched our app to help employees monitor their footprint and created a "race towards sustainability" using our metrics and fun challenges. As a result, the statistics on reduced consumption can be communicated in the Annual Report for CSR as well as externally. Participants feel they have a tool to act on their values and make a difference. If communicated accordingly this can also improve brand image and loyalty.

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80 participants can save up to a ton of CO2 in one hour. Our future impact relies in opening up the competition between organizations (private, public, academic) and create a benchmark for sutainable behaviors. In addition this leads to financial and resource savings. Participants also feel engaged and contribute for a better future willingly.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

We aim at becoming a global benchmark using the IMD network and then the WEF.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

Sell projects to corporations and develop Big Data to create a benchmark with mappings for cities and governments.

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Our main competition comes from corporate employees’ engagement programs. Large organizations like Sony, use the Intranet to promote their culture and values, while creating loyalty by rewarding employees with a point-based system. This approach is closely related to Human Resources management and people know that it can reflect on their work evaluation. Hence, contribution is strongly suggested by the way the tool is set up. In addition, it is not flexible and requires entering data on daily paper and energy consumption. GGW is stand-alone, independent and offers fun challenges.

Founding Story

Moreover, in 2011, during the One Planet Leaders Program at IMD, Lausanne, CSR directors from leading companies such as Walmart, Nokia, P&G and Tetra Pak recognized that employees’ engagement is crucial to embed sustainable change in the long run. When the tools and programs provided are too rigid or too corporate, employees are reluctant to participate and it impacts the environmental and social strategy. This is where GGW steps in: by monitoring and consolidating savings in an efficient and fun application that engages employees and citizens alike, while remaining impartial and processing data anonymously (hosted by SafeHost, CH). Using the “lean startup” approach.


MarLa Burgener, Founder & Vision Portfolio Manager (LinkedIn Profile), ensures that the integrity and values of the company are embedded and respected in every aspect of the project development. Ellwood-Leo Spafford, Chief Creative Officer (LinkedIn Profile), directs GGW’s creative output and develops the artistic design strategy that defines the brand. Hussni Ajlani, Chief Financial Officer (LinkedIn Profile), supervises the startup’s cash flow to ensure smooth business roll out. Damien Concordel, Community Manager (LinkedIn Profile), provides users with updates, news and all other necessary information. Maxime Michel, Developer, HEVS