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Entrepreneur En Action: Podcasts Interviews with today's most successful African Entrepreneurs

Dakar, SenegalDakar, Senegal
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$1,000 - $10,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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Entrepreneur En Action inspires and motivates African Entrepreneurs and aspiring Entrepreneurs through podcast interviews that tells the success stories, the failures, the solutions, the Aha moment of other African Entrepreneurs.

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What if Entrepreneur En Action could create 1 successful Entrepreneur in each household in Africa and a network of 1 million African Entrepreneurs within 5 years?
About Project

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A lot of Africans lack the Entrepreneurial skills to run a successful business. That problem can be linked to very little content that motivates, inspires or trains people on leadership and other skills required to run a successful business. There appears not to be enough content about those succeeding in the French speaking countries of Africa.

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Entrepreneur En Action is the proposed solution. It’s a podcast where the most exciting and inspiring francophone Entrepreneurs are interviewed and where the host ask them deep questions about their journey, their failures, the solutions they came up with, their AHA moment or the light bulb moment or that moment when they found the idea for their business. Entrepreneur En Action brings example and proof of real success stories of Francophone African Entrepreneurs. It’s brings that little push some aspiring Entrepreneurs or Entrepreneurs were waiting for to embark in amazing and hopefully successful journeys.


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Impact: How does it Work

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Many people have contacted Entrepreneur En Action on Facebook and some by email to thank us for the interviews with successful Entrepreneurs we do. Some of them got the motivation they were waiting for to start that business they have been thinking about. A real example is a lady who wanted to start a cosmetic business, we put her in touch with 2 Entrepreneurs that were interviewed by Entrepreneur En Action to provide her with some mentoring. The last time we checked on her she was working on the samples for the brand she is about to launch. Other youth got in touch with some of the Entrepreneurs we have interviewed and are mentored today by those Entrepreneurs.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

Many aspiring Entrepreneurs have started their own businesses since they started listening to podcasts on Entrepreneur En Action. This was confirmed by the thank you messages we have received from some of them. We believe there are many more that have been inspired though Entrepreneur En Action as well. Entrepreneur En Action also provides a platform for entrepreneurs to network as we have watch new relationship and network being birthed through the platform. We do receive requests from other entrepreneurs asking to be introduced to those we have interviewed on Entrepreneur En Action.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

Entrepreneur En Action is currently interviewing only Francophone Entrepreneurs and one of the next big move will be to start with Entrepreneur In Action which will be hosting interviews with Entrepreneurs coming from the English speaking countries of Africa. Entrepreneur En Action is currently interviewing more Senegalese Entrepreneurs because the Host is located in Senegal but Entrepreneur En Action plans to travel and conduct series of interviews in the other African countries.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

Entrepreneur En Action is building a huge audience and plans to start offering online courses on How to build a Blog, How to build a Podcast, How to record interviews, how to approach successful people, How to market your blog or podcast or any other product online the way we are doing it at Entrepreneur En Action, and many other online courses related to the Entrepreneur En Action experience.

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Entrepreneur En Action is the only Podcast on Entrepreneurship in Senegal so far. We have some TV and radio programs on Entrepreneurship but they last for a period and sometimes stop broadcasting due of lack of passion from stakeholders, limited financial resources and other issues. Entrepreneur En Action is born from a passion for Entrepreneurship and with a powerful vision behind it.

Founding Story

The founder was working in Ghana and in Nigeria from 2010 to 2015 and loved listening to inspirational messages. In 2013 he started listening to more and more Podcast interviews about Entrepreneurship from American Entrepreneurs. At some point, he started looking for podcast about Entrepreneurship made by Africans, and the only content available was content in English for the English Africa nothing in the French speaking countries of Africa. That was the ‘Aha’ Moment!!! Why not create Podcasts about Entrepreneurship and interview successful Francophone Entrepreneurs in order to inspire millions?


We are currently 2 in the team. Corneille Towendo the Founder and Host of the Podcast. He holds a Diploma in Computer Communications (Network & Computer Science) and a Bachelor of Computer Science. He works full-time for his start-up. The second member of the team is Carmelle Towendo she is Content Creator and holds a Diploma in Business Administration. She is in charge of content. She works Half time with Entrepreneur En Action for now.