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Caracas, VenezuelaCaracas, Venezuela
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for profit
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Elevator Pitch

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Free Market Research for all.
What if you make a party and no one comes?, that's business everyday, that's the iron law of the market.
We provide a deal of the day site, and a market research survey management system, for everyone with an idea, for free.
So small businesses get a chance

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What if expensive market research becomes free...
About Project

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The high cost of market research for small businesses

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A faster, friendlier, and free way to create market research campaigns.


Wayra Open Future 2015
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We're helping small businesses make better decisions for sustainability and economic sucess for free. We have had results on the worst economy of the world, and the higher inflation rates of the planet. Operating almost with out resources. Our system works, and we wish to share it.

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To date we have helped dozen of startups create sucessfull market research campaigns, bringing fundamental insight for their business strategies. Without cost. We have also created a methodologies that allows anyone without the knowledge of market research to conduct such studies.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

Lowering the barriers of entry for everyone in knowledge and resources for market research. Now everyone can conduct market research for their projects with our technology.

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Golf Cars (metaphorically). We use a similar model. Golf Clubs don't usually make profits out of subscriptions. Subscriptions only cover operational costs. it's the golf car rental service what makes the profits. Similarly, we have a freemium subscription system to cover operational costs on our site, but is our bundle of adittional products and services our main source of income and financial sustainability.

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Expensive market research Agencies.

Founding Story

We are Brother and a Sister. We started as Social Entrepreneurs for the Development of Creative and Cultural industries, and invested a lot of time on creating products and services, that didnt sell. Until we started making market research, and knowing what the market really wanted, so we developed a methodology to share our insights with others entrepreneurs to empower people around the world.


CEO: Simón P. Hernández. Anthropologist and Web Developer. 10 years of experience in market and social research. COO: Karina A. Hernández. Social Communicator. Specialist in digital communication and web design. 10 years of experience in PR and Design. CTO: Ricardo Spizona. Systems Engineer. Specialist in Server Side Programming. 10 years of experience in the software businesses industry.