Ilundamatwe Holdings ltd

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Ilundamatwe Holdings ltd: Construct affordable greenhouses and automated drip kits with feeler technology

Iringa, TanzaniaIringa, Tanzania
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for profit
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$50,000 - $100,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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We'll sell affordable greenhouses,automated drip kits and solar powered sensors.In the next decade we'll train 60% of smallholder farmers how we create an integration channeled through e-water valve of drip irrigation lines and timely link them up to their mobile phone to reduce water costs.

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"What if sensors and cellphones are used in detecting rapid changes in agronomic conditions, couldn't farming be done remotely?"
About Project

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There's a problem of inefficient use of the scarce water resource the device tackles by irrigating timely and only units required. The device auto detect extreme conditions i.e low soil moisture and automatically alerts the farmer by texting on the situation and propose the immediate required action. If the farmer delays more than 30mins without responding, the gadget will automatically start irrigating the crops until the moisture is restored.

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In combination with micro-financing contracts we seek to create a limitless integrated modern greenhouse with sensors that monitor temperature, humidity, soil moisture and regulate the water supply which is channeled through drip lines and link them up to the farmers mobile phone.The monitoring and regulation is done by the farmer remotely through their mobile phones. They can be able to open and close their irrigation system as well as query and get alerts on their current greenhouse status i.e Temperature, Humidity and Soil Moisture content via SMS. This can be done from anywhere by just sending an SMS to the greenhouse sensors. This system is powered by solar panels thus green and can work in rural areas where electricity is a challenge.


Young Innovators in Agribusiness 2015 nominee
Impact: How does it Work

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The gadget is installed with any SIM Card.This SIM card is loaded with airtime, internet bundles and subscribed to the unlimited SMS service for a day. This will enable the system to send as many SMS as possible.Once the gadget detects an extreme condition such as low soil moisture, the system immediately sends an ALERT SMS to the farmer notifying him of the extreme condition and the necessary action required. The farmer will then text the system with a command instructing the gadget to open the water valve. The system will read the SMS and instantly open the electronic water valve and irrigate until the moisture content is restored.If the farmer delays more than 30Mins without responding the gadget will automatically start irrigating crops

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The greenhouses fitted with sensor has reduced water costs and work load to at least 17,600 smallholder farmers in USA in their greenhouse enabling them to handle other issue and at the same time monitor their greenhouses from their mobile phones.We plan to sell at least 40 units of greenhouses annually and supply 100 auto-drip kits and train 400 potential buyers on the advantages of this solution.In future we want farmers to be getting SMS alerts of unauthorized persons enter the greenhouse is important during harvesting where most farmers usually those in offices experience a lot of losses due to theft and poor accountability and receive data to assist the farmer to plan for the next season as he/she will be able to know which months have the optimum conditions for growth.We plan to equip our solution track rainfall, windspeed and direction,leaf wetness and trunk/stem diameter

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

Sight high potential areas backed with micro-financing contracts through the use of economies of scale by end of 2017,2018 and 2019 we aim to sell to and train 0.15% ,0.20% and 0.25% of 31,450,302 million smallholder farmers with the greenhouses.Sensor inception price will be USD 150 due to the high costs of electronic components and assembly. We'll lower greenhouse prices annually by 10% from usd 1903 to reach a steady price of usd 1292 in 5 years and be fabricating these devices in bulk and shall retail as low as USD110 plus installation to make it affordable to smallholder farmers.

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We'll sell our own greenhouse farmed horticultural produce and sell greenhouse sizes selling (i)small usd 1293 (ii)Medium usd 1903 (iii)Large usd 2995 are targeting farmers that upgrade from open farming to greenhouse,Drip kits usd 225 for 500 sqm and sensors usd 150 adds up to deliver products and services to the market at a price that generates a sustainable profit priority.We'll also sell seedlings and each materials to peer builders.

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Yes there corporates like Balton (T) ltd, Amiran (K) Ltd and micro entreprises like Hortiorganics (T) Ltd but they are all limited to greenhouse construction and agronomic support neither supplies sensors and uses resource utilization technological approach.We seek to create a limitless integrated modern greenhouse with sensors that monitor temperature, humidity, soil moisture and most importantly regulate the water supply which is channeled through drip lines and link them up to the farmers mobile phone. The monitoring and regulation is done by the farmer remotely through their mobile phones

Founding Story

In 2013 we were doing open horticultural farming that is pit and trench irrigation based when we got this idea of greenhouse farming and water resource utilization with technology approach.Following its leakages along the trench from the source we fueled a water pump with up to 10 ltrs/acre costing 10 usd weekly when irrigating crops and paid 4 usd for casual laborers per acre for irrigating we realized for 16 weeks gestation period the cost of all overheads for raising onions equates buying a drip irrigation kit for the same farm size.Later in process came a fungal epidemic where approximately 35% of our crops were severely affected where this would have been avoided by nets in greenhouses


The management has a combination of inherited talent and professions in the fields of Engineering, Accounting and Information Technology. Heading the management is Mr. Lunyiliko W Komba, the Managing Director of the company. In charge of the overall running of the business operations, Lunyiliko Komba has been heading the business for the past 3 years. Before establishing Ilundamatwe, he worked with banks for five years. He holds CPA (T) module E and a B .Com degree (Hons) from University of Dar es salaam Partnering in the management is also Mr Lufingo P Sadiki,the chief operating officer , he manages operations and runs the company with great sense of business acumen, which has given a new vision and direction to fostering overseas exports. His family has been in agribusiness forestry and timber trade for the past 12 years, therefore giving an edge of a broad network of contacts. Paired with this gamut of network is Mr Lufingo’s knowledge of the intricacies of growing trees and timber trade which makes Ilundamatwe as a robust player. Before establishing Ilundamatwe , Mr Lufingo P Sadiki was handling IT management role at with Bible .Society of Tanzania. He holds MCDBA, CCNA, Dip in IT (Hons) from University of Dar es salaam .He currently practices agribusiness forestry as well. The director of Finance of the company is Mr. Mohamed Twahilu ,experienced for more than 4 years in Accounting having served as accounting officer and supervising/site manager will be a valuable planning and budgeting tool for the company and its going concern Mr Sebastian Kyengula is the companies chief technical officer has a proven ability of supervising field work, equipment maintenance and logistics, he has an engineering background and over 5 years experience in engineering consultancy and project environmental impacts assesment and management The companies’ advisor Mr Twahilu Sheuya is experinced for more than 20 years in Agricultural Engineering and will help the company in its course of day to day improvements in serving the rural communities as the intended target group enabling them be our consistent potential raw material source and will help the company in its course of day to day improvements in serving the rural communities as the intended target group enabling them be future potential clients for agri-implements One Agricultural extension officer to be hired who holds of Degree/Advanced diploma in Crop Developments so that they'll optimize the available mix of resources to attain maximum foreseeable benefits whilst transforming our neighboring clients as well through their skills devotion and link-ups,One field officer to be holder of Diploma in crop development in order to team up with the key companies personnel for day to day execution of deemed necessary duties in order to serve both out-growers and companies growth motives he'll be client farm supervisor , custodian of overall farm activities and possessions who will be responsible for administering casual laborers and miscellaneous tasks assigned,later an accountant be hired holder of degree in Accounts to streamline all the financial matters of the entity while advising solely on the trend and profitability of designated activities whereby in-turn addressing the sustainability of the company,one technical assistant be hired a holder of Diploma in agricultural engineering/mechanics for up-keeping the function-ability of our fleet of machinery in place so that utmost benefits can be derived out of them whenever needed,out of two machine operators one including Mr Stefano Mbuna and colleague existing and others be hired in the long run mostly with experience in tractors and its peripherals and will aim at ensuring value for money operations are executed through in depth ownership of duties through timely completion