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PRACTA: A web application helping students prepare for examinations by practicing online

Ikoyi, NigeriaNigeria
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for profit
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$10,000 - $50,000
Project Summary
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Students can prepare for national and international exams especially Computer Based Tests (CBT) by answering the past questions on their devices. Our web app simulates the exam format so students get acquainted with CBT, track their performance, learn in an exciting way and then excel in their exams

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What if all secondary school students who wrote their Senior Secondary Certificate Examination passed?
About Project

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Problem #1: Mass failure of Nigerian secondary school students in external examinations Problem #2: Many students are not familiar with Computer Based Tests Problem #3: Past Questions of examinations are not easily accessible. Problem #4: Learning is becoming very boring.

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We developed a web application that contains thousands of past exam questions with well explained solutions, accessible on all devices and responsive to all screen sizes, helping students spend more time preparing for their exams as these learning resources are always accessible via their devices and ultimately they can excel in national and international exams. This web app is user-friendly so that everyone can use it easily, it conserves data which is still expensive in Nigeria, it has pages which load very fast making learning become interesting, interactive and fun. Students get to familiarize themselves with the platform for Computer Based Tests which they must pass through to be admitted into a higher institution,


Winner, #HACKSQUAD2015 Organised by @MTNNG and @Skylar_Inc
Impact: How does it Work

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Ahmed is 22. He lives in a rural area in the North Central part of Nigeria. He is in final class in high school, though his mates in more-privileged areas have even graduated from a tertiary institution. Ahmed attends a school that have a nice structure called the ICT department but the school don't even teach them much about computers. For him to be admitted into a higher institution, he has to pass a Computer Based Test. He would fail if he doesn't learn it. Fortunately, the PRACTA team visited their school and taught them how to use the computer in simple steps, how to answer Computer Based Test. Ahmed could now use it enough to able to pass his exam and be admitted to university.

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We believe that prior preparation prevents poor performance. An object of distraction for many young people is their mobile phones and computer. Our web application will make more students read since these resources are available on their favorite devices helping them get prepared more and pass more. It makes learning feel like a game as they can now compete with each other, time themselves to know their preparation level, share their results with friends and be more interested in learning as learning becomes social.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

We intend to develop a mobile application to make learning easier and even a ussd application so students in areas that do not have internet connection can learn and be given tips to pass the Computer Based Test. We believe that if learning becomes more social and fun, it will get more young people interested in using platforms like ours to study, track their performance and improve. This will reduce the alarming failure rate in national examinations and improve the confidence of students as they take their exams so they don't cheat in the hall.


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