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SAVE PROJECT: SAVE saves the earth...

Dubai, United Arab EmiratesDubai, United Arab Emirates
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$50,000 - $100,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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SAVE Project (Students Agricultural Venture for our Environment)helps in accomplishing the harvest of locally grown , nutrient rich vegetables and fruits from schools .Our participatory efforts turn into fruitful results despite of climatic extremes, water scarcity and space constraints.

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What If ,the little fingers forget junk food and grow healthy green veggies and feed themselves and family...
About Project

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The SAVE Project operates in an extreme agroclimatic zone,with space constraints and ground water depletion at peak.The project outlays growing fresh and organic veggies with the help of young blood at their school premises.The residents of the country mostly occupy flats which have no scope for horticultural activity.The constraint has beautifully been converted into an oppurtunity by the Planetgreeners Team hand in hand with kids & teachers.

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The young generation is addicted to unhealthy junk food and seems to deviate from healthy veggies and fruits.The participation of students from various schools in the venture ensures their intake of vegetables and fruits which are organically grown by themselves.The results were so amazing that they have started outlets at schools selling fresh veggies and fruits.The scarcity of water resources was overcome by installation of sub surface irrigation thus preventing loss.The space constraints in urban horticulture were defied by supply of custom made movable scientific planters with organically prepared soil.The penetration of the project in as many number of schools was achieved by flexibility in the budget options of The Planetgreeners .


Samadarshi Award,Excellence Award,UAE Agriculture Award,UAE Krishi Group Award,IES award.
Impact: How does it Work

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At first the schools were concerned about the result and harvest indices.The Planetgreeners team were determined from the very initial stage and thus promised the school team a bumper harvest.Each stage of the crop was carefully monitored by the Planetgreeners Technical team and enthusiastically operated by the students team.The installation of sub surface irrigation,organically prepared soil,bio controlled pests,integrated management ,with the higher levels of optimism of the people involved has resulted in a bumper harvest ever achievable from unit area in an arid zone.The most interesting part is that one meal of the day of the students ,constituted the fresh veggies and fruits direct from plant to plate,instead of unhealthy junks.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

The constraints of space in many schools especially with completely tiled up area,was one of the hindrances in many schools.The idea of making movable planters with reused materials solved the issue .The project impacted steady supply of Fresh veggies from schools like THE HABITAT,INTERNATIONAL INDIAN,GULF INDIAN,OUR OWN,BRITISH INTERNATIONAL etc The horticultural activity of the member schools has been recognised and more and more number of schools has expressed interest towards growing their own food.There is a compulsory meal from plant to plant for students where in they are free to pluck from the edible gardens operated by each section of students.There is considerable reduction in the sales of doughnuts,hotdogs & burgers in the school canteens .These foods are potentially dangerous and proven to be carcinogenic.More parents are coming towards this move as outlined as future target.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

The reach of the project has been growing exponentially yearly as it spreads to new and new schools.The reach was 8000 in the initial month but after successful twelfth month the numbers have gone upto 2500000.There are more schools waiting to be a part of the SAVE Project.The infra structural features of some schools to be minimally modified or altered for initiating of the project.The children experiences general learning of natures processes on hand with the help of SAVE Coordinators.The aim is to bring the concept to maximum households as possible through children for a healthy tomorrow.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

The SAVE aims at attaining a SAVE Farm in future for independant operation serving more schools at a higher scale.The hightech methods of horticulture would be applied and generate steady income to support budget schools.Meanwhile Planetgreeners help to develop a SAVE Fund at member schools for steady operation for meeting input requirement and gradual expansion.The surplus Fund helps to support charity on behalf of SAVE at spl need schools .

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The project aims at serving a better proportion of younger generation through healthy food.Moreover the convalescents,senior citizens and recovering patients also benefit from the horticultural therapy aspects of SAVE Project.The project can be placed as a self sustaining one after two or three cycles of performance.At such stage the inputs get covered from the produce aspects and thus benefits different economic groups .The project has more of a holistic approach rather than a commercial.The project reaches a stable and sustainable stage when more participation is ensured within a unit .

Founding Story

The founder is a trainer who teaches green revolution,organic revoltuion,ever green revolution,one straw revolution and a lot more of revolutions on a frequent basis.She was a trainer of naturopathy and it was then she found the gap between healthy food and the actual food consumed ,especially by the younger generation of urban deserts like Dubai.There are no chances for the children here to experience the natures processes of growing plants to fruits and veggies.She projected the enthusiasm of kids in consuming self grown greens .She placed it much higher than an indoor gaming or mobile games.It was then she started outlining SAVE exclusively for students ,merging the elements of funlearn


The Project is headed by the Founder who is an environmentalist and agricultural scientist.The Operations Head is social mobiliser well versed in capacity building.The communication Specialist heads the Training Wing which is an inevitable component of the project .The Event Co ordinator is a pro active lady adept in deriving and designing innovative additions to the project each month.The Director of Engineering arranges necessary infra structure required for the project.The faculties include resource persons from Hygiene and Food Technology,Horticulture,Extension Education,Agronomy,Hydroponics,Protected Cultivation,Crop Protection and so on.
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