Tech4agri: the web series

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Tech4agri: the web series: Informing agriyouth, developing our agri sector

Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$1,000 - $10,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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Our web series is a youth led media production that features technology, innovation, climate change and successes in agriculture acting as a support structure for relevant information and as a motivational force for the sector. This series is made through the use of mobile and drone journalism.

WHAT IF - Inspiration: Write one sentence that describes a way that your project dares to ask, "WHAT IF?"

What if people and stakeholders truly cared about young persons who are involved in or are seeking to get into agriculture in the Caribbean?
About Project

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As agriyouth we don't feel as if we have support or opportunities with the agri sector of the Caribbean region. We are not exposed to the appropriate factors and knowledge which can improve or greatly impact the industry such as technology and climate change issues. Yet we are expected to solve its problems and ensure that hunger does not spiral out of control. We lack the motivation needed ensure agriculture reaches its future potential

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Tech4agri intends to invest and support in agriyouth by providing an interesting information service. We will inform agriyouth of the various technologies, innovations, that can improve their entrepreneurial endeavors in the sector as well as pass on knowledge to combat climate change. Most importantly we will motivate them to remain or become involved in the various careers that food and agri has to offe by highlighting successes in the field. This will be done through our webseries made using mobile and drone journalism. By directly investing in the development of agriyouth in the Caribbean, we are indirectly preventing hunger from becoming a regional issue while combating climate change which already severely affects the region.


Youth in agriculture blog awards (YOBLOCO) 1st place institutional category for the Caribbean -2012;Youth awards, ministry of youth Trinidad & Tobago 2013; Best new media, agri journalism awards 2014, Global water partnership media awards 2015 & others
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Recently an undergrad agribusiness student from the island of St. Vincent explained to me here predicament. She is working part time and voluntary on the university's new agricultural field station. In doing so she hoped to gain experience as the station is part funded by Foreign institutions and meant to be technologically up to date. She explained that she is simply not satisfied as she is doing pruning, harvesting and other types of manual labor which she feels is "slave work". She plans to leave but complimented the work of and the webseries as a great way to learn new things in agriculture. She was thankful knowing that she would be able to access info & opps to develop herself practically & professionally

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Our webseries comes out of the solid foundation that is We are only three episodes into airing the webseries but it is meant to be our first main project as a non profit social enterprise. Tech4agri has over 3600 followers on its blog, over 2000 followers on Facebook as well as several hundreds of followers on its other social media channels which include twitter, Instagram and YouTube. We have a note able track record winning at least one award every year since its inception in 2011 both local and international. We have had thousands of views and visitors culminating in almost 60,000 hits on From our Facebook we realize that we have followers not only from Trinidad & Tobago but also from the Middle East, Asia, Africa and the pacific. This means stories of agri in Caribbean are demanded whereas the plight of agriyouth extends further than the Caribbean.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

Currently we are focusing on improving the quality of our media pieces. While this is taking place we are promoting our series heavily on social media channels and email list serves with an e newsletter in the works. To ensure our series becomes a Caribbean we are working with select agri bloggers from other islands to teach them mobile journalism then they will provide content from their location for the series. From there the series features relatable stories from other regions, in other languages, other media formats and the like. We are set to expand & scale in support of agriyouth.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

We have started small, with a compact team & extremely limited resources. As such we have a 5 year revenue earning strategy Yr 1 - sponsorship & advertising options, product placement, television rebroadcast Yr 2 - provision of ad creation services, video production, event coverage, journalistic services, crowd funding, merchandising Yr 3-5 - franchising, spinoff tv series, collaboration deals with other media productions in agri

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

In the Caribbean there is no stable media production related to agriculture far less one that is relatable to youth. There are numerous programs about food and cooking but this target market differs. No entity yet uses mobile and drone journalism to produce a series of this kind. We are the first. Using this technology we can create unique angles of visual stimulation to better capture what agriculture is about. We are purposefully operating on the Internet as mobiles have penetrated every corner of the Caribbean no matter how rural. Therefore agriyouth can easily access our service.

Founding Story

Tech4agri was meant to assist fellow youth in agri as we all suffered. The majority of us leave the sector as we feel there is nothing there for us. But if we all leave how will the sector progress? Therefore tech4agri was born in 2011 to inform and motivate. Four years later with a solid following and a few awards, I wanted to make an even greater impact and see tech4agri into a social enterprise. As a freelance agri journalist I discovered mobile and drone journalism which perfectly meets the needs of the changing and highly personalized news market of today. It was perfect. A small team and limited resources was needed to begin and that's how the webseries came into reality


Keron - project lead, full time, agri journalist and co host, business owner Renaldo - videographer, producer, graphic designer Suelin - co host, presenter, part time Kareem- agriyouth, tech consultant, part time Each of us have an educational background in agribusiness but it is our other skills which really ensure the series is a reality. Our common education ensures we are passionate about the sector
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