Waste Plastic Collection.

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Waste Plastic Collection.: Waste is our Resource.

Aba, NigeriaAba, Nigeria
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$10,000 - $50,000
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We gather Non Biodegradable Waste Plastics from dump sites here in Aba, Abia State Nigeria and then, supply to Waste Recycling companies to be reconverted into reusable products.

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what if we don't gather these recyclable materials, our environment will be so polluted.
About Project

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We are helping to solve Environmental Pollution and Degradation caused as a result of accumulation of these Non Biodegradable materials at Dump sites. Also we have created jobs for 20 Youths in E.T. Edwin Industrial Company Nigeria through our activities (Waste Picking and Sorting). By gathering these waste plastics from dump site we help reduce the rate at which waste are Burnt; Making a safer air for over 5 million people in our community.

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Waste Deposits have been causing serious health and environmental disasters in my community in a long while now. And no one wants to accept responsibility for this cause. E.T. Edwin Industrial Company through our Waste collection course, we are gathering these waste plastics from dump sites across the state and then supply to recycling companies to reuse where most of these companies initially prefer to use virgin Granules, with our supply of these waste they now use hybrid mixtures. We are working towards restoration of our Environment, helping to create job for Youths in our community, curb the emissions of Greenhouse Gases that cause serious climatic Changes in our planet today.


a) 2015 winner of Newyork Forum Africa Start-up Award. b) 2012 Presidential Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria Award. c) Central Bank of Nigeria -National Youth Service Corp Entrepreneurship Award 2010.
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My little friend Uche, age 8 years is an Asthmatic patient. He came back from school on 20th March, 2015 and incidentally that faithful afternoon around 2:30 pm the thick Smoke from this Dump site close to our house starts bellowing gradually into the sky with the smoke filtering into our room. I carefully looked my windows just to take my siesta; only for me to hear some people shouting and crying in my neighbour's house. I rushed in to see what's happening and behold my little Uche on the floor gasping for air. We tried inhaler and it refused to work. We rushed him to hospital, on getting there Uche Died. Who is to blame?. Who constantly sets fire on the dump?. No own took responsibility. This is Why we took it upon ourselves to stop this

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Due to our poor Waste management and Re-conversion system in our community, Waste at Dump sites are Burnt to ashes and when this is done, the thick Smoke that evolves from this Dump sites causes serious Environmental and air Pollution causing many children, Nursing Mothers and the elderly to always fall sick with illnesses such as Asthma, Bronchitis, Meningitis, Cholera, .., and even shock from Heat wave. By collecting these Recyclable Plastics for supplies to Recycling companies, we have greatly reduced the rate at which these materials are now been burnt. We have also created Jobs for 20 Youths to assist us in gathering these waste plastics from various dump sites while we pay them salary to help them put food on their tables to feed their families and also train their wards. As a Skills Facilitator for the National Youth Service (NYSC), I help to train Nigerian Youths on Skills.

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We simply go into these dump sites and pick up the Non Biodegradable Waste Materials (Plastics). This have stopped the indiscriminate burning of these waste plastics which emit gases that depletes the Ozone Layer (Carbon di-oxide, Methane Gases etc) and which are very poisonous for people to inhale. We are indirectly helping make the air (Oxygen) safer for over 5 million people within our community to inhale. However, we hope to use Automated Machines 5 years from now to helps us sort these Waste, Crush into Granules and Extrude into reusable products.

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As a Start-up company, we started this business with the little money we saved after our National Youth Service program and also from the support we got from family and friends who bought our idea and also saw the need for us to do what we are doing today. We use profits made from the Sales of the Waste we collected to expand our project and most importantly, buy machines (Sorting, Crushing and Extruding Machines Respectively) to assist us.

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Waste Picking is generally seen by many Nigerian Youths expecially Graduates as 'Dirty Business'. So true this is, this makes less people come into this line of business. It's more like a 'Virgin Line of Business' with huge Gains and profits alike. Investors, Companies and Individuals venturing into Waste Collection and Recycling should be seriously encouraged. We are doing all for now Manually hoping to invest in machines from all our profits so far. Nigeria has a population of over 150 Million people and the amount of Solid waste produced daily exceed 9,000 metric tonnes.

Founding Story

Thick dark smokes from these dump sites keeps bellowing into the sky causing serious air Pollution. People falling sick from unknown illness. The only we can tackle this sickness is to deal with our Waste properly. Proper disposal and Recycling helps hence, the establishment of E.T. Edwin Industrial Company Nigeria to help gather most of these waste and Recycle into reusable products.


1). Emelone Tochukwu Edwin Ceo, A Madonna University Biochemistry Graduate with over 5 years Entrepreneurial Experience and an Alumni of Pan-African University. 2). Chioma Jf Okolo Sales Representative. A Marketing Graduate from University of Port Harcourt Nigeria. 3). Peter Ekwonna Manager. A science Laboratory Technologist graduate from Federal Polytechnic Oko Anambra State. 4). Eziaku Emelone Head Advertising. Library and Information Science Graduate from Federal Polytechnic Oko, Anambra State. 5). Teams of Waste Pickers. N/B: all are working full time.


In order to protect our environmental condition, we need to reduce the percentage of pollution. And for that, we should take positive steps and preventive action against pollution; in most of the countries, we have found several waste materials are throwing here and there, so it is quite better to do recycling to utilize the waste materials; especially plastics. Different organizations start promoting recycling process to utilize the waste materials and through which, we are able to reuse the waste material and give them a suitable shape and size for further use.