Alternatives to the 'green revolution' approach

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Alternatives to the 'green revolution' approach

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 We are proud to have Africa chosen as host to IPC9, a biennial Conference and Convergence of the Permaculture Comminuty to share experiences,  and increased awareness of the alternatives to the 'Green Revolution' approach among local African farmers, policy makers, the general public, as well as Permaculture representatives attending from around the globe.


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International Permaculture Conference and Convergence
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Mugove Walter

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International Permaculture Conference and Convergence

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P.O. Box 32280, Chichiri, Blantyre 3,Malawi

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We have the unique opportunity to discuss the issues of the New Green Revolution for Africa which promotes the use of genetically modified seeds and chemical fertilizers, and to disseminate information on alternative agricultural methods. This is a chance to reach out to local African farmers, policy makers, the general public, as well as to the general Permaculture community around the globe through the representatives attending the Conference and Convergence.

The Theme for the Convergence is Plan Africa ~ Food and Empowerment and is based on inspiring, informing and enabling a development strategy for Africa that seeks to understand our natural heritage and the inherent wealth that it contains and find ways of unlocking value so as to create strong sustainable regional economies that are in harmony with nature. Underlying this theme is the by-line 'Designing solutions for a sustainable future'. The Conference and Convergence will serve to highlight ways of empowering marginalized communities out of poverty through concerted well-designed social and economic development. read more at

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Representatives from Permaculture groups attending the International Permaculture Conference and Convergence from around the world will take this information back to their communities, and the dialogue will continue.

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Approximately 700,000 people have been involved with the Permaculture community internationally, and information on this event has also been disseminated to the current and past Peace Corps Workers.