Talk to MEal : How to end PASSIVE CONSUMPTION and how to work towards FOOD SUSTAINABILITY

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Talk to MEal : How to end PASSIVE CONSUMPTION and how to work towards FOOD SUSTAINABILITY

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Talk to MEal are cook-outs and picnics that will be held on grassroots communities wherein dishes are accompanied by Talking/Interactive Menu. This will educate people about their food sources, nutrition and possible solutions.


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Talk to MEal is an innovative, budget-friendly and simple approach to engage local community about food security issues and GMO. It is done on a grassroots level where anyone who is interested can join and is presented as a very cozy and inviting activity that people in the community are readily open and excited about, Cook-outs and Picnics. <br>
Every meal will be accompanied by an interactive menu regarding its Recipe, Ingredients (natural, artificial, preserv., local/import, GMO), Source, Nutritional Value and Farm-to-Your-Plate food path. Every meal course will be assigned a team, a Recipe person who knows the recipe preparation and its cultural orgins; a Grocer/Gatherer who will map the local food sources; and a Presenter who will prepare the Talking/Interactive Menu and facilitate it in an enlightening and entertaining approach during luncheon. <br>
Talk to MEal is also a very modular program in which any community can replicate and modify accordingly. <br>
This approach not only tackles GMO issue but also relates other issues of local living economy, food security and community health

How will you sustain your solution?

Talk to MEal will be sustained as solution for as long as local enterprises and residents seek to strengthen their local business and community food sources . Talk to MEal will be launched in nearby communities and farmlands.

Local enterprises, homeowners associations and organizations will pool resources (funds and manpower) to launch Talk to MEal in their community while also seeking funding sources like fair trade expositions, food cooperative kiosks and continuous micro-donations program.
Promotion and communications of its principles and programs will prioritize local schools and hospitals as its audience. Bookkeeping and institutional support and assistance can be solicited from local government programs and agencies.

What will be the impact of your solution?

Talk to MEal seeks to establish productive and meaningful inter-generational networks and activities in the local community. Grandparents, senior residents, food enthusiasts, food gardeners and small restaurants in the local community can have active participation and can even benefit from youth-led and youth-initiated programs for food security and sustainable urban farming. <br>
Food sources mapping can help identify and educate people about GMO presence in their food and consumer goods. Awareness and education are necessary to establish local and regional mobilization and campaign about the people's stand on GMO issues.

In this program, local communities can decide for themselves whether to remain as passive consumers or become food producers and educated consumers.<br>

In the long run, network of communities can serve as alternative food sources. This perspective also admits that food delivery systems should lessen its carbon footprint.