Change the Mountain of Garbage to That of Treasure

Change the Mountain of Garbage to That of Treasure

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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I make business at near Siem Reap in Cambodia. The central part of Siem Reap, average person earn 50~70 dollar, on the other hand, the people who are working in mountain of garbage (actually they are not working, they are collecting cans, bottles to change money and food scraps to feed barn animals) earn only 12~20 dollar. The mountain of garbage is very dirty, disgusting and full of dioxin. About 300 people are working there; of course there are many children. First, I think burning the garbage is bad for health because that ingenerates dioxin. I try to stop burning; however the people in the mountain of garbage cannot understand me because the most of them are not educated. Second, I teach them what bad thing is and I want to educate them. After educating them, I can do what I want to do. I want to make fertilizer by food scraps in the pile of garbage. First, STOP BURNING GARBAGE Second, EDUCATE THEM Third, TEACH HOW TO MAKE FERTILIZER
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My vision is that everybody can live a safety life and children can be an adequate educated. Overall objective is that my organization has the power to be able to employ the people in mountains of garbage all over the world.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

Last October, in the pile of garbage I met 3 children who are about 10 years or so. 3 months later I came to see them but I could not find them. I asked a man where they were. According to him, they never come up because doctor stopped them to go. They were about to get disease. When I was heard that story, at first I make people go away from the pile of garbage, however they make a living there. And then I came up with the idea that I get rid of dangerous factor and then produce jobs.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

There is no silver bullet. Step by step and one by one

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

The people who are working at a mountain of garbage. They do not understand that making fertilizer by food scraps is what an important, so they may not be interested in that. I explain how important that is until they can understand.

Founding Story

I am one of the ASHOKA Tohoku youth venture. I am working with ASHOKA’s staffs and founder and chairperson. ASHOKA is the Nonprofit Organization and world-wide organization. When I am working at ASHOKA, the chairperson, Nana Watanabe, always says that you have to do what you feel. This story is not actual solution but I noticed that the people who change the world are doing the way they feel. ASHOKA’s staffs look for the genuine innovators and the innovators can be brushed up to be able to change the world. When I talk with ASHOKA’s staff, I always feel like “Aha”.
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Describe how your innovation model is distinct from any other organization in your field?

I have never heard that any other organization is doing like my innovation. Around the world, especially in developing countries, there is the problem of a pile of garbage. Any NGO, NPO or even government do not try to start business there. Therefore my innovation is the first approaches in my field.

What type of operating environment and internal organizational factors make your innovation successful?

My organization basically carries on my decision. I am conducting with the people who are working in the pile of garbage and also will be my employees. I try to listen to their demands because I get through a trial and error process with them. Besides, I try “When in Roma, do as the Romans do.” Because I am doing in foreign country.

How do you make sure you constantly innovate in light of (potential) external challenges, or your growth plan?

My innovation is that everybody can conceive and every person, even children and elder people can do. If I am not there, that business could be running, because my innovation is basically easy. After I will be able to make business and make enough benefit in Cambodia, I will start in other country like Philippines.

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What is your value proposition?

What is different from the people work at clean place to the people work at a mountain of garbage? I believe just working is the important. Working is happy.

Who is your customer(s)?

The people who like gardening and who are running form.

What approaches to you use to reach your customers?

I would like customers to see experiment pictures that are used the fertilizer and are not used the one. And let them know which is more efficient and effective.

What are your primary activities?

Teach them how to make fertilizer using food scraps.

What other challenges - individual, organizational, or environmental – are you currently facing or might hinder future success of your business, and how do you plan to overcome those?

First, there are not many smart people in Cambodia because Pol Pot who was a dictator about 35 years ago killed smart people and educated people. I feel that many Cambodian do not have the power to think deeply and imagine. I think the root of poverty is the lack of imagination. Second, I question “what is your dream?” the most of children answer “doctor or teacher.” That may be good but I feel they do not know other jobs. I want to help them imagine and tell them other jobs, and I want to show them any other jobs and other role model.

Briefly describe your growth strategy going forward

Make fertilizer using food scraps
Nurture plant using fertilizer and contrast that without fertilizer
Look for market
Employ the people at the pile of garbage.

What dimensions for growth are you currently targeting for your innovation [select all that apply]

New regions(s).

What makes your business "ready" for growth?

Impatience (the people at the pile of garbage is getting sick) and my feeling to lovely people.

What are your key growth objectives?

Understanding and cooperation of the people at a mountain of garbage

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Could your solution work in other geographies or regions? If so, where?

I think it is possible. Japanese technique can be accepted all over the world. If I were to say, Philippines, Thailand, Laos or India.

What is your projected impact over the next 1-3 years?

1 year later, I can stop the burning garbage and I can start to employ the people (10~20)
2 years later, I can expand the business and employ the all of people at the pile of garbage.
3 years later, I make my brand plants or fruits. And I can go to use the system in the other countries.

Elaborate on your current financing strategy

I want to buy a lot of stuff to make fertilizer like bucket and when I employ the staff, I pay some money. Mainly I need foundation money. It takes 6 months to 1 year to make benefit. After making enough benefit, I will do business saving money. And after I employ enough and save money, I go to make business in other country with that money.

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Explain your revenue generation strategy in more detail

Making fertilizer using food scraps and at first let customer use the product. After that is trusted, I sell the product them. I am thinking selling over the world. At first, fertilizer is looked as fair trade products but I brush them up to be able to be innovative product. And I want to sell the best price.

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Philanthrophy strategies you are using

Explain your philanthropic approach in more detail

Distribution a lot of soap, the founding of the well, Children’s tuition who do not have enough money and clothes.

With using my own money, I buy a lot of soap and give them to the people at the pile of garbage. With earning money through a tour, we found the well near the mountain of garbage. I lend money the children who are desire to study, and give them to clothes from japan.

Expand on your selections; explain how you will sustain funding over the next 1-3 years.

I want to have own form and I want to make own brand fruit or plant. And though the business, I want the people at the pile of mountain to know the outside world and find their own dreams. The first step is one of the most important, that is, the fertilizer using food scraps. I want to make the best one and I want to change the world.

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