Preventive medicine through natural sources

Preventive medicine through natural sources

Heraklion, GreeceAthens, Greece
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Utilizing the ancient knowledge on herbal treatments from ancient Greek Ippocrates and Indian Ayurveda, a company in a rural area could offer assistance to people in preventing diseases and treating mild conditions with herbal treatments. This could improve the health level of population through natural therapies, decompress the healthcare system and contribute to the local agriculture.

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The continuously increasing costs of healthcare, drives the public healthcare systems in the developed countries in restructuring as funding is becoming harder. Given this situation the role of preventive medicine as well as primary care, seems as a valuable option. Both preventive medicine and primary care, are capable of sustaining the public health in reasonable levels, avoiding costs of hospitalization. But the primary care through the healthcare system of Greece it is offered through hospitals mainly, making the access very difficult to the patients. So, preventive health especially through traditional medicine, could be important solution to relieving the pressure to the public system.

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The idea is based on the individual approach of the patient, including training on how to prevent the disease, by changing everyday’s habits. At the same time, it accepts the distinctiveness of everyone’s needs, taking care of aspects of life that cannot be changed, and at these cases, in intervenes with the use of natural medicines, according to the whole constitution of the patient, treating him and not only his disease. The solution can work outside the public healthcare system, functioning complementary, at a time when pressure of healthcare services demand is intense. The whole approach refers to a cheap solution, bringing relief to the patient as well as the public system.
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The vision is to help people in identifying the hazards of health through bad habits, learn how to handle them if it is not possible to avoid them and maintain a good level of health through prevention. So, when the first signs of the disease are aproaching, simple treatments can be efficient. This way the health level of the population can increase, permitting the health care system to handle more serious cases.

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Founding Story

It was the story telling about ancient scriptures that refer to Asklepios and Ippokrates transferring the knowledge of medicinal plants to Asia and back, for maintaining health or healing patients. Traditional medicine through plants, can be achieved nowadays through the knowledge of ancient Greece scriptures and Ayurveda. Both can work, in a supplementary way.
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Herbal therapies have always been in demand in this certain Cretan region. People in the rural area of Heraklion, are close to nature, as most are farmers. According to the storytelling of the elder in the villages, they already apply certain available recipes to themselves. But the complete knowledge of herbal medicine is lost through the years. Moreover, that is an aging region, so not much knowledge can be attained.
But still, ancient Greek scriptures exist and more organized knowledge can be added through Ayurveda (the traditional medicine of India), after adapting with the available plants, according to the climate and the possibilities of cultivation.
Using herbal remedies to recover from easily managable diseases, can be very cost effective, even though it is not applied extensively in Greece. But as patients follow instructions of their physicians, research on wild flora of Greece has led to certain formulas for skin treatments, with few products already approved and found in the market.
The use of herbal remedies could also be most effective for the society, with the use of the agricultural cooperatives in several parts of the country, in order to get the supplies needed for these remedies. The agricultural unions or farmers themselves, they have started showing great interest in medicinal plants, changing cultivation in favor to those herbs, following a new agricultural market trend. Indeed, for special kind of cultivation, farmers can achieve EU funding, in assistance for cultivating these plants.

Describe how your innovation model is distinct from any other organization in your field?

So far herbal remedies are only applied in spa's and especially in forms of aromatherapy, along with alternative methods of healing, in large cities of Greece. The present model has nothing to do with this. It is focused on the use of the herbal remedies given though nature for treatment, not only wellness, along with education of the people on keeping a healthy way of living. (Lately, the Mediteranean diet in the region is fading away and alcohol consumption is increasing).

What type of operating environment and internal organizational factors make your innovation successful?

A small company,in a suitable location, into an olive oil plantation could be self sufficient for the beginning, by using the income of olive oil production, plus the use of part of the same production as base to the medicinal preparation, in oily forms of administration of the herbs. Collaboration with the agricultural unions for supplies though, would give the company easier access to the market, by giving another perspective to the products the farmers are selling, making it well known to the area, in an easier way.

How do you make sure you constantly innovate in light of (potential) external challenges, or your growth plan?

This kind of treatment, refers to the individual, treated according to its needs. Being completely customised, possible challenges, could only come from the established health care system which is under a lot of pressure at the moment and for the next 3-5 years, at least. Meanwhile, there are chances for establishing the model company, improving its fame and given the rise of alternative medicine in the country, there are strong possibilities of expanding, in other islands, where primary care is insufficient.

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, AT, Athens

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New skills, Consultation.

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In the beginning about 30.000 people in the close region could be possible customers. In the case of expansion, then more people of the areas where the organization will operate, could be supported, as well as tourists, In that case, tourist agents could also be customers.

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Possible accusations of unapproved medicines, which can be solved through clinical trials according to the recent EU regulations.

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New regions(s), New market(s)/country(ies).

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, CR, Heraklion

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It could work in any place where the effect of the local plants is known, in combination of the personal needs of every patient.

What is your projected impact over the next 1-3 years?

Use of local agriculture for the benefit of the health level of the local society, with prevention and easy access in a very low cost, decompressing of the local healthcare system.

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