SHADES for Health - Environmental Health Initiative

SHADES for Health - Environmental Health Initiative

Kampala, UgandaUganda
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$10,000 - $50,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

Concise Summary: Help us pitch this solution! Provide an explanation within 3-4 short sentences.

Our first project were the Shades that were constructed with information on breast feeding, prevention and testing for cancer.These shades provide critically needed venues for public health education on the benefits of breast feeding, malaria, cervical cancer screening for women and HIV/AIDS and addressing malnutrition . We have since widened our focus to Environmental Health Initiatives.

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

We are concerned that most of the populationsin the rural areas are not aware that they need to be examined early for signs of very many illnesses. The complacency that people have is that, as long as iam not bed riddedn iam not sick, is the greatest health harzard. Through our health deducation campaign, we need to take people to health facilities for examination: cacer, HIV, Diabetes, High Bllod pressure etc

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

We have already built structures (shades) that display some basic health information.We now aim to visit communities and use Public adress systems, with experts to encourage them to visit health facilities, to have themselves examined. We also aim at displaying more relevant health information on billboards and simple leaflets available in local vernacular.
Impact: How does it Work

Example: Walk us through a specific example(s) of how this solution makes a difference; include its primary activities.

A population that is aware of its health needs and regularly responds to examinations. We expect that when ailments are detected early, most preventable diseases can be identified and remedies provided. We hope to create more health education on the key health challenges and this will facilitate the movement of people to the health facilities to be examined. We are confident that in future, we can reduce the burden of disease because people were encouraged to utilise the opportunity for preventive services

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

Todate we have been ablse to report more than 12000 people who have responded to our interventins to visit healt facilities. We have contrcuted 15 shades that are located at busy spots where up to 250 people in a day, read those messages

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

1-2 years: establish the immediate needs, like pa systems 2-3 years: Further expansion, reach to areas/districts where we have not been before 34 years: establish a stronger base and capacity to hire physicians whom we can pay and go with in the villages

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

Oour major competitors are the highly funded social marketing campaigns, on TV and radio. But we believe that our approach is more in the community, is interactive and reached far and wide. As long as our competitor may have huge funding but can not reach the people physicall, we bet that our unique model, trancends theirs.

Founding Story

do not adress.Health education is what we started with. Prevention is better than cure. We create avenue for oublic health education and route populations into the health facilities.
Organization Name

www.shades For health

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Explain what the "innovation" is about, e.g., is it the idea and/or the model you use to accomplish the idea, or your understanding of the target population, etc.?

Health education through shades, now uses available public avenues to create awareness about critical health challenges at the time. We started by building shades, whci we used as health education avenues. Our health education is now in te rural areas where access to information utilities is lacking.
We are offered land by the community, we put up a health education facility, te community take care of the facility, we also penetrate the village communities with more health education, like about cervical cancer screening, HIV and direct the clients to the health facilities.
We have contructed 15 shades and targeted 12000 people in the past 12 months, we are now seeking to purchase public address systems to channel populations to the health facilities.Our belief is that, people need to be socially mobilised into seeking health behaviour. They need to be screened early for cervical and breast cancer, they eed to be tested for HIV... and consequently learn to stay healthy.

Describe how your innovation model is distinct from any other organization in your field?

Our model is supported by the communities. We establish a long lasting partnership with the community, because they give us land and materials. We build a facility that enables us to come back in the community and display health education information. we believe that, the health system, needs t be kept busy, by the prevention approach. We are strugling to establish a preventive approach to health other than the tradtionally curative approach. Our initiative now focusses on moving to the communities, to preach preventive health. Just go to the health facility, and have yourself examined, is our message

What type of operating environment and internal organizational factors make your innovation successful?

We have a team of committed volunteers who are always ready to work with, but we are also connected to Village Health Teams located in 39 sub counties where we have reached. The members from the village health teams, assist us in establishing the national health strategic direction. Our intervention, is in line with Global, regiona natoonall and local health direction. We work in very rural communities, which are deprived and do not easily have access to preventive health information.

How do you make sure you constantly innovate in light of (potential) external challenges, or your growth plan?

As 'Shades For Health', we are committed to innovation. We started out as shades for health, but we have since evolved into an environmental health initiative. We are planting fruit trees as sources of Vitamin C, but also reducing smoky stoves wood charcoal, as a prevention agaisnt breast cancer. Our apporach is multi directions, and we are contsntaly taking up, anything that works. We are usin the environment and a strategy to improve our health, but we are also concerned about the traditional health needs. People need information, information is power.

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Business Model
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Bring accessible healthcare to communities in emerging markets

Health area (target market) where the need is [select only one]

Primary healthcare services

Categories along the health continuum you are covering [select all that apply]


Stage that best applies to your solution [select only one]

Start-up and growth (pilot is successful and starting to expand)

Core strategies of your business model [select all that apply]

Approaches to behavioral change at the individual level, Redesign of the public healthcare system for more efficiency (in terms of processes, structure etc.), Unconventional partnerships (between traditional healthcare players and players outside healthcare).

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Most relevant tools you are using to implement the strategies outlined above [select only two]

New skills, Education/training, Community financing.

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What is your value proposition?

Community involvement, volunteerism, health and social interaction. We value partnerships with local communities and the role the public sector plays in providing health

Who is your customer(s)?

Local villagers, schools children, women groups, university students and the general public

What approaches to you use to reach your customers?

Church gatherings, local meetings, community gatherings, billboards and public display utilities. We also publish leaflets for distribution to the public. Ours is mainly focussed on community engagements that yield results.

What are your primary activities?

Health education, community mobilisation, environmetal health, tree planting, social marketingof health products, behaviour change and commmunication

What other challenges - individual, organizational, or environmental – are you currently facing or might hinder future success of your business, and how do you plan to overcome those?

major challenge to our project is accessibility. Poor roads that need state of the art, Four wheel vehicles whci we have not yet acquired. We do not have our personal vehicle, to reach the villages, so we hire We also hope to purchase temporay shelters that and movable, for creating garthering space. We are are also yet to have mobile generators and PA system for hard to reach areas, as part of our work.

Briefly describe your growth strategy going forward

We are looking at a future, when we can hire specialists physicians and travel with them to rural areas, and not just let people go to health facilities. We document the process of our activities, our output is recorded on news and website. But mainly, we are looking at involving other partners in this strategy.

What dimensions for growth are you currently targeting for your innovation [select all that apply]

New customer group(s), New regions(s).

What makes your business "ready" for growth?

We have the initial plans and we have already started, we have local partnerships and we are ready to move to areas in the community. We are positioned amidst a very committed community for social change and we are ready to exploit this need for further growth and development.

What are your key growth objectives?

Expand on the outreach, to areas where we have not previously reached, explore potential for hiring physicians and take them to areas that are inaacessible and also acquire our mobility that will enable us to do our work without major inconvinience

Organization's Country of Operation

, LUW, Kampala

Social Impact
What methods for quantification of social impact are you applying (if at all)?

We asses the number of people who read ou messages and for people reporting in health facilities,our review asks: How did you know about this opportunity. this anables us to account for our impact

Could your solution work in other geographies or regions? If so, where?

yes. mainly rural African settings. Our experience has noted that these are the challenges faced by other communities in Africa, and we are willing and ready to provide mentor ship for the replication of this model for preventive health.

What is your projected impact over the next 1-3 years?

We hope to scale up this project toother parts of Uganda

Elaborate on your current financing strategy

Fundraising, membership contributions, donations, sell of farm produce and corporate offers

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Direct sales to patients or other beneficiaries (in percent)


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Private businesses, Other beneficiaries.

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Private businesses.

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We carry out regular fundraising activities and also take part in competitions. But our regular income also comes from the local government

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Philanthrophy strategies you are using

Diversified strategy.

Explain your philanthropic approach in more detail

We request for offers and assitance from all well wishes

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We have regular membership contributions and we have assurances from local governmet fund for 3 years

Years in Operation

Operating 1-5 years

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Not yet.