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Information technology can be used to enhance social change and shift the conversation on social
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Germany’s welfare system treats abused children for the symptoms of their traumas and sends them
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Andreas Heinecke is overcoming the barriers between "us" and "them" by creati
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People running home.
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“Pack to the Roots”–a backpack full of intelligent design,traditional textile crafts and social e
Handmade shirts meet vibrant philosophy - At Sukria we create shirts with a unique design in Indi
Education is a universal human right.
gewaltlos.de is a chat and forum platform that helps girls and women who are the victims of viole
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Training and Coaching for a better social economy.
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ABURY combines the desire for style and ethics, exclusiveness and sustainability in a unique and
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BikeSurf is a bicycle sharing project.
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Jyoti-fair works is a fairtrade project dedicated to assist socially disadvantaged women in findi
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With an existing network of non-profit events like TEDxRheinMain and OpenTechSchool we provide a
Every third woman in Europe is a victim of violence at least one time in her life.
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Humancredit is an online donation platform.
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12 women in their late 60´s profile their life in the radically different role of a clown stating
openISA is actively involving older people in new product and service development by running idea