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Fiona is fostering a vibrant international network of volunteer lawyers, academics, journalists a
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Through peace-building circles and mediation and conflict management training, Eva is empowering
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Cindy, a member of the Gitskan First Nation of British Colombia, is changing the discriminatory p
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Some 1,500 suspected war criminals may be living in Canada.
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As founding director of the Pivot Legal Society, John Richardson combines strategic litigation, m
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In order to enhance the quality of life and the security of persons with disabilities, Al Etmansk
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Reign & Co. is building a new fashion future.
Chonaic is a social enterprise that will change the way the world wears clothing.
Project Village aims to employ and empower underprivileged Toronto women in a sustainable way and
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United4Literacy is a venture created with a vision to embark on a mission of helping impoverished
By 13, ¼ children have separated parents and are at-risk for many lifelong social ills.
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Many indigenous communities here in Canada and around the world are struggling with the right to
Richmond in 3D will provide anti-bullying assemblies to large groups of students using interactiv
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Breaking the Ciscentric Ceiling: Trans Employment Project aims to reduce barriers to employment f
Let's create a sustainable future for all Canadians through community gardening practices, that p
Literacy On-Site makes literacy easy: it brings tutoring into social programs where low-literacy
Empowering prospective and new Canadians with support, English instruction, employment & hous